Wine Barrel Plans: Backyard Landscaping

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re not particularly of the “country-decor” type when it comes to our yards, so you might ask why we’re considering wine barrel plans…  The answer…

WE LOVE WINE!!!  We’ve never wanted to limit the style of our home or yard to one particular style.  Rather, we love to incorporate things that reflect who we are individually and as a couple.  And, well… We. Love. Wine.  That’s about it!  While we’ve been thinking about how we want to incorporate wine barrels into our back yard for a while, we found some inspiration a few weekends ago…

A few weekends ago, we ran out of town with two of our best friends (also adorable newlyweds who we met in the most odd way possible), Rachel and Brandon.  This is us (not my best pic, but cute none-the-less).


Yup, we escaped to the hills to visit Rachel’s parents, and while there, we did some wine tasting at some local wineries (Rachel’s dad happens to be a concert pianist, so he had the hookup with the wineries and scored us some free tastings)!

Anyways, we had the most beautiful day.  We packed snacks, lunches, and ourselves. :)  It was absolutely perfect weather- beautiful sunshine without being too hot.  Perfect.  And here’s where the inspiration comes in…

At our first winery, we went into the tasting room and were greeted with this beautiful, rustic tasting table:


We immediately fell in LOVE and knew that we had to have at least one in our back yard, if not two!  We’d likely not have chairs around them and instead would leave them open for a more casual approach to brief eating (and drinking) before returning to the pool or yard to play!  Regardless, we knew that we could totally make the table top portion and the doors on the barrel, no problem.  And in case you couldn’t see the details above, here are a few more detailed shots!




After we finished our tasting, we bought a bottle of wine and took it out to the beautiful outdoor picnic area to enjoy our gourmet, packed lunches! Again… Absolutely. Perfect. Everything.

We had a wonderful lunch with the perfectly paired wine! Per our tastebuds and per Rach (who happens to have a somelier license from a previous career… ya, she knows her stuff!)! Here’s some pictures of the glorious pleasure that was food and wine.


Us ladies thought we packed enough food, but maybe not… since the boys were trying to eat each other! Is it weird that they look so happy while being eaten?!?!?


Oh ya, and muy importante, let me introduce Ollie!!!  Yup, that’s him!  Isn’t he cute?!?!?  Rachel’s his real mommy, but I’m his adopted mommy/auntie!  LOVE my pup!  He’s the sweetest, cutest, non-yippy pup ever!  Seriously, he can put a smile on my face any time!  Rachel even texts me random pics of him sleeping and playing just so his auntie can stay up-to-date with him!


After we finished up there, we moved on to our next winery… Tulip Hill! And let’s just say that their gardens didn’t disappoint! Check this out:



Seriously… the ENTIRE place was like this! It was the most unbelievable display of planted flowers I have ever seen!!! I know this isn’t totally house-related, but let’s just sum it up to this… I can only dream of having such beautiful flowers, so chalk this up to some SERIOUS inspiration!!!

And here’s just a few final shots of us before we left the winery.  Ollie got to be in all of the pictures!



And just two more, for good measure… LOL



FINALLY, after all that garden inspiration, back to the wine barrels… As I’m sure you can tell, we’re definitely planning to whip up some of the barrel-table magic, but to better incorporate it into the landscape (so it’s not just some random barrel table placed in our back yard), we also wanted to do some planters of some sort. AND THEN… Centsational Girl came to the rescue with her post all about wine barrels this week! How perfect was that?!?!?

Here’s my favorite picture of ideas from the wonderful Kate (aka- Centsational Girl), and I think that we’re most likely to go with the tiered planters and of course, we’ll DIY ‘em!  You can check out here DIY version here.  But I’m still totally diggin’ that raised drink barrel!

What do you guys think? Love ‘em or hate ‘em? Any chance you’ll incorporate win barrels into your landscape?

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  1. Rachel Adams says:

    Oh Ash, I love this post! What super cute pics :) :) :) Can’t wait to make our barrels. I called my friend. We are on the books! <3

  2. OMG! Rocco would looooove Ollie! So cute! My good friends are big wine buffs & they made 2 barrel tables & they look amazing!!! I can’t wait to see how thwy turn out!! It’s not country unless everything in your house is country. It looks eccentric & one of a kind. LOVE.

  3. I love them! That wine barrel cooler/drink holder is fabulous! (And you know I never say fabulous.)

    Can you get barrels as cheap as Kate can in your part of Cali? If so, that is yet another thing for me to be jealous of! Sad face. There are a lotof things I love about Florida, but we are severely lacking in wine barrels!

    • PS- That garden is amazing. I want to go live there… I don’t think anyone would notice, right?! ;)

    • PPS- I think wine barrels can take on a totally rustic-industrial look. I don’t know if that’ 100% your thing either, but I think it pairs well with modern. If I had the skills (and a wine barrel) I would make outdoor table using the barrel as the base and a concrete top. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

      • We LOVE Rustic Industrial!!!! That’s probably why I LOVE Merrypad’s frames so much!!! I am not sure yet what type of “counter” we’re going to do, but we were thinking of doing wood, but this would be a great place to experiment with some concrete counters before doing any for the inside! Do you think the barrel could hold the weight of the concrete?

        • I think it probably could, but don’t quote me on that. I wonder if anyone has done research on how much weight a barrel can support?
          I think you would LOVE this table that Kara Paslay’s husband Tim made.
          A wooden top would be awesome, too. Maybe something butchers block-y?

        • Also, what if you braced the inside of the barrel so that the barrel-base was sort of a facade? Either a welded frame, or maybe you could use one of those concrete tube molds and make a pillar of concrete? Or if you skim-coated a lighter material in concrete? (Kind of like how Kara coated this wall?)

          • We could totally do that! In fact, Eric and spent the whole weekend jabbering back and forth about the wine-barrel projects and he even tossed out the idea of throwing a propane fire pit right in the middle of one of the wine tables, which would mean that the propane tank could sit nicely inside the wine barrel… we would definitely need to look into flammability/prevention issues!

    • Also (because really, how amny PS’s can I do?)- this looks fun (but maybe a little uncomfortable)!

    • Luckily, since we’re less than an hour from wine country, we CAN get them fairly cheap, but I am actually REALLY lucky because my girlfriend Rachel (from this post) has hook ups with wineries and we will likely be able to score some for super cheap or even free!!! In trade for her connection (and because she’s an amazingly wonderful friend), I am going to have her help and we are going to make some for our house AND hers! YAY!

      Seriously Cait, you NEED to move closer!!! :D

      Fabulous… LMAO! I wish I could get the audio for that word because right now I’m picturing you saying it with tons of emotion… FAB-u-LOUS!!! But in all seriousness, that barrel cooler is amazing and Eric totally wants one!

      • But.. but… I like my house :( Obviously you should just ship me a barrel (I’m kidding!! I’m sure the shipping would totally offset the fact that it was cheap!) Sigh. I’ll just live vicariously through your barrel-awesomeness (especially if you make that cooler!) until one magically falls in my lap from who-knows-where.

        That sounds awesome about making things for both your houses :)

        Haha, that’s funny! I’m not sure if I stressed fabulous the way you’re imagining or not. I picture myself saying it like “fabulous!“, so I guess maybe just really fast with the whole word stressed? I don’t know.

  4. The wine can be soo cute! I’m not very rustic either but some rustic items with a modern flair looks amazing (we plan on doing this in our nursery)! Looks like a lot of fun! We don’t drink wine but I’ve always wanted to go wine tasting, it was actually scheduled with a couple of friends for this summer…it’ll have to wait till I pop now! :)

  5. LOVE that idea! Im a total wino so of course I think anything wine is fabulous! Love the rustic look! Cant wait to see how they turn out!

    • Glad to know that we’re not alone in the vino department! Hopefully we’ll knock out some of these soon!!! (We better get crackin’ on finishing the back yard landscaping!!! EEK!)

  6. I’m a fan! Very cute!

    Your photos are so pretty! I might need to venture out west some day!

    I want to steal Ollie. :)

  7. Do you have dimensions, or plans for how to cut the door into the side of the wine barrel? We have 2 barrels and I would like to make an outdoor table, but also utilize the barrels for storage. Any help would be appreciated!

    • I don’t have exact dimension, but we usually just eyeball things. Figure out the size that will work best for you in getting things in and out- I would lean towards making the doors larger for easy access, and then just buy hinges that can support the weight! :) Hope that helps!

  8. Hi there, im from Australia. Love what you have done with your wine barrels, i am just wondering if you have designs you could forward onto me so i can have a go at making some stuff with the barrels i have acces too……Any info would be great

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