She’s Got Them Lashes! [Younique Product Review]

I don’t know if you’ve seen them, but they’re those lashes that everyone’s been raving about.  I actually thought that they were fake eyelashes, because they were so long and full looking.  But, after seeing a few friends trying them out, I thought I might give it a go.  Wonder what I’m talking about?  3-D Fiber Lashes by Younique!

My friend who’s been sharing her lash experience on Facebook lately sent me the Younique 3-D Fiber Lash system to try out,  and I was hooked!  This is basically a mascara system.  I thought it was going to be some labor-intensive, super intimidating process.  Nope, it’s not.

A little bit of background on me and makeup… I suck at makeup!  Like it’s literally never been my skillset.  I never even wore any makeup besides foundation and mascara until I was twenty one, and lived in Washington, DC with three other girls.  Yup.  I was that girl.  The all-natural, simple, no-fuss, no idea how to dress up, kind of girl.  That spring, living in DC with my girlfriends, they took me to get my makeup professionally done for the first time.  And they took me to Mac!  So many colors and so beautiful.  I bought everything they put on me.  Now, eight years later, I’ve been slowly honing my makeup skills but remain on the super amateur side of the spectrum.  When I got married in 2009, I still left my makeup up to a professional, and I didn’t even let her apply fake lashes.

Now, knowing all that, you can understand my hesitation in deciding to try out and review a makeup product!  But, after seeing so many friends trying and loving this lash system, I knew I had to at least give the Younique 3-D Fiber Lash system a try!

I’m sure you’re curious what I thought and how they worked out, especially for a makeup amateur like me… you tell me!

Younique 3-D Fiber Lash System Review & Giveaway

And if you’re still skeptical, here is the before and after- one eye with the Younique 3-D Fiber Lash System, and one with regular mascara.

Younique 3-D Fiber Lash System Review Giveaway

I can’t believe how amazing this stuff is!  I thought for sure I would mess it up, or it would not look good on me.  I was silly.  This stuff is amazing and looks great!  Truly, life changing for the non-makeup-inclined ladies like myself!  I would easily put this revolution on the same pedestal as gel polish nails!  I’m religious about my gel manicures, and now, about my Younique 3-D Fiber Lashes too!

Younique 3-D Fiber Lash System Review and Giveaway

A couple of quick tips if you’re trying the Younique 3-D Fiber Lash system for the first time:

  1. Follow the instruction provided with your system
  2. Watch a YouTube video first (they are great for getting a visual for the instructions)
  3. Prevent flaking by applying the gel generously before the fiber application and after (makes a HUGE difference)
  4. While it’s fun to dress your newly voluminous and lengthy lashes up with other makeup, they also look great without anything else

Now, if you want to order your own lashes to try, go here

And, you can also enter the giveaway to try and win a revolutionary lash system of your own!  Enter below:
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PS- I was not compensated for this post.  I simply loved the product my friend gave me so much that I asked her if she’d give away a product on my blog if I did a review. :)

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  1. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail this week!

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