Design Build Love is currently accepting opportunities for sponsorships.  Here at DBL, we love what we do and have a passion for what we share!  To be considered for a sponsorship, we must love your company, your product, or your website/blog, and believe that our readers will too!

As a DBL sponsor, you’ll gain access to our loyal and dedicated readership which accounts for over 31,000 pageviews per month, 400+ feed subscribers, 1,084 Facebook fans, 1,170 personal Facebook friends, 356 Twitter followers, and 4,342 Pinterest followers.  Like our numbers now?  Our numbers at DBL are rapidly increasing and we couldn’t be happier!

There are several ways you can sponsor our little family at DBL, including:

    • Giveaways
    • Product Reviews
    • Brand Ambassadorships
    • Sponsored Posts
    • Social Media Promotion and Custom Hashtags


Set Up a Giveaway.  If you want to get the word out about your awesomeness, giveaways are effective advertising.  Send an e-mail to with the following information to secure your spot:

  • The item(s) you’re willing to giveaway.  This can be an item or products itself, or a credit to purchase items of the winner’s choosing.  Should you want to give a credit, you may choose the amount, so long as it is reasonable to obtain one your products.
  • How many winners you’re willing to have.  Most often, there is only one winner in giveaways, but your can also choose to have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, or have several winners at the same time!  Fun stuff!!!
  • Where you’re willing to ship to, if it involves a product that must be shipped.  US?  US and Canada?  Global?
  • If you have Social Media pages, a blog, or something else… send us links so we can give you max exposure!  We are always happy to ask our readers to follow you, like you, or add you to their favorites for additional giveaway entries!

We start giveaways on Fridays, entries close on the following Thursday, and a winner is announced the following Friday.  An image of the “current giveaway” will stay on our sidebar (linking to the giveaway post) for the full duration of the giveaway.


Get Your Product Reviewed.  If you have home, design, or other product you think we’d like, email me at and we’ll absolutely discuss a review!  For products that match our interests, you’ve got a deal!  We’ll provide a thorough and honest review.  Simple as that.


Build a Brand Relationship with DBL.  I LOVE working with brands.  Once I find a company or a product I love, I stick with it, and I tell everyone I know about it!  Want to get in on the action… email me at, and we’ll see if we’re a match for your brand!  If you are, we’ll work out the details!


Discover Additional Sponsorship Opportunities with DBL.  In addition to the above sponsorship opportunities, I also offer very specialized services, including Sponsored Posts, Social Media Promotion, and Custom Hashtags.  Interested in these services or looking for additional information… email me at

PLEASE NOTE: We do our best to keep our sponsorship information up to date!  Once a sponsorship is purchased, your rate is locked in for the term of your sponsorship, but is subject to change at the end of that term.

DISCLAIMER: While getting paid is great, we reserve the right to refuse advertisements and sponsorship opportunities.  Our primary objective is sharing amazing projects and inspiration with our readers, and when sponsorship opportunities fall in line with that objective, it’s a “win-win!”