November Sponsors Shout-Out


It’s official… November was my lowest post month ever!  With only four blog posts in a month, I might be a bad blogger.  Sorry y’all!  If you’re wanting to know a bit of what’s been going on lately and what accounts for the low post count, you can check that out here.  Other than that, I’m working my way through tons of amazing projects that are dying to get up on the blog!  I promise to do my best to get as many posts up as possible this month! But, without further ado, … [Read more...]

I’m Alive. I Swear. Kind of.


Seriously, though, I am alive.  And so is the hubby.  The last few months have simply been crazy, overwhelmingly busy.  Most of the craziness has been good.  Some of it, not so much.  Regardless of either, being gone from blogging is awful.  I miss my outlet, I miss my friends’ blogs, and most of all, I miss the blogging community.  You guys are like family to me.  Some of you are so sweet that you’ve even sent me emails to make sure that we’re ok since … [Read more...]

Office Layout Stalemate

This past weekend, we made good headway getting ready for our office makeover.  We even built two very important pieces of furniture for the office.  The only problem… is we’ve hit a wall.  Hubs and I just can’t seem to fully agree or settle on a layout for the office.  And we also can’t decide if we’re going to keep the guest bed in there too.  And, if we do, whether we’re going to build it into a murphy bed, or keep it all out in the open. Ugh…  If we don’t keep it in there, then we have to … [Read more...]

Fall’n In Love with Fall Colors (Dutch Boy Paint Review)


Everyone knows that fall brings an amazing array of colors.  The yellows, oranges, and reds that brighten the landscape this time of year is literally one of my favorite things in the whole world!  And seeing those bold hues against the still-green grass and shrubs literally puts a ridiculous smile on my face!  Ya, it might just be me. Well, Fall colors inspire me in more than just outside landscaping.  When contemplating what colors to use in our hopefully soon-to-be redone … [Read more...]

November Projects: A Personal Challenge


As I mentioned yesterday in my Sponsor Thanks post, I had a lot of October projects that simply didn’t get done.  It totally bummed me out, but sometimes, life just gets in the way.  So, as a way to personally challenge myself, I’m laying it all out in the open.  I know a lot of bloggers don’t share what projects they’re working on or the details of anything until the reveal, but I’m going to buck this tradition, at least for this month.  Why?  I need to. Now, this … [Read more...]

October Sponsors Rock!


October flew by so fast!  Seriously, I had so many awesome projects planned for October, and life (law school exams, health issues for the hubs, and an exploding new business) just got in the way.  But, never fear… They’ll be happening in November!  To give myself a bit of a kick in the rear… I’m going to share the bigger projects I’ve got planned tomorrow!  I’m actually super excited to put them all down on “paper.”  Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! Even when … [Read more...]

And the Winner is… Royal Design Studio Stencil Giveaway

I'm happy to announce that we had 107 entries for the Royal Design Studio Stencil giveaway!  That is a record number here on DBL!  And I'm even more excited to announce the winner!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway Royal Design Studio will be in contact with you to get your stencil selected, ordered, and shipped! :) Congratulations!!! ~Ashley … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: Royal Design Studio Stencil


Last week I showed you a teaser of our new accent wall in our home office/guest bedroom.  Well, today is reveal day, and I literally have been dying to show the whole wall!  I’ve had to hold back from just posting it to my social media, but I’ve finally made it to the reveal day!  So… without further ado… OUR NEW OFFICE ACCENT WALL!!!   WE’RE NOT STOPPING THERE… Now, if you read our blog regularly, you know that we definitely are not done with the space, but we … [Read more...]

Ok… and I’ve Bought a Few Things Too (Target “Shops” Scores)


The Shops at Target are so fun to browse.  Well, with the introduction of the products from the recent “Shops” collections, there were immediately a few items I fell in love with!  Knowing that I didn’t want to buy something impulsively, or blow any budgets we’ve been sticking to, I decided to wait to purchase those items. Well, I waited, and waited, and waited.  And I watched to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on them.  Then, it happened!  Clearance time at … [Read more...]

I’ve Been At It Again… Selling Stuff


It’s official.  Family members think I’ve gone nuts.  I’ve been selling tons more stuff from our house that we no longer want or that no longer fits our style.  To be honest, it’s a weird feeling.  You walk into our home, and our entire front living room, is completely empty, except for our two peacock chairs.  (oh ya, that means that there may have been some furniture swapping… I’ll share that later) But, even though it’s a weird feeling to have an empty space, it’s … [Read more...]