Dreaming of the Day The Bar Exam Goes Away…

Agate Statement Necklace

Right now, I'm in FULL bar exam preparation mode.  The exam is just around the corner, but after months of studying feels like it should be over by now.  While I'm being as diligent as possible in my studying, every now and again, my mind wanders, and it becomes clear that I simply need a break.  Today, that break happened to be this blog post. You see, this whole bar exam thing is the final chapter in my lifetime of education.  To become an attorney, I have to pass it, … [Read more...]

20 Terrific Closet Organization Tips {HomeTalk Curated Collection}

Zero Budget Linen Closet Organization and Makeover

Closets are beautiful.  Closets house our favorite things.  Most girls dream of that fantasy closet filled to the brim with beautiful clothing, all organized in the most beautiful way.  For most of us though... closets can be a challenge!  And, more often than not, we've got tons of stuff, stuffed into a too-small space. After more than a few closet makeovers in our home, nothing makes me happier than opening up a perfectly organized closet full of my favorite and most useful items! Well, … [Read more...]

Kitchen Improvement Day Dreaming


It’s been a while since my last post, but don’t worry… that doesn’t mean we haven’t been knee-deep in projects!  We’ve built a custom desk and two custom filing cabinets, I’ve painted a chair, we’ve re-landscaped our back yard, rearranged our living and family rooms, added some awesome wall art in the house, and added some much-needed furniture to the back yard!  Whew… clearly, I need to get back to blogging! But, lately… I’ve been day-dreaming about redoing our kitchen!  … [Read more...]

Life Happens = Life Changes


Life has been crazy lately.  Good, but crazy.  Eric and I have been slammed with to-do’s and we’ve literally been doing our best to get through everything we can.  Sadly, this has meant that the blog has taken a back seat.  BUT, this will absolutely not be permanent.  I’ve really struggled with what to do about our blog.  LIFE CHALLENGES Eric’s job as a trial attorney is very time-intensive, and starting my own business and finishing my last year of law school is … [Read more...]

Large & Linen (Linen Closet Overhaul on the Cheap)


Just like with her Pantry, my good friend Lindsey was looking to maximize the storage capacity in her linen closet.  She wanted to be able to house all of her blankets, linens, extra bath products, and more… all in one convenient, consolidated location!  To talk a little more about what we did, I’m letting Lindsey take it away again! Recently I wrote a post about transitioning out hall closet into a pantry. It was such a success we decided to tackle our linen closet. Our current linen … [Read more...]

A Pantry for Momma (Affordable Pantry Build)


Busy moms know how difficult a crazy morning can be.  Getting yourself up and going can be hard enough, but when you’re a momma, you’ve got a whole team of people to coordinate.  Well, my friend Lindsey is a wife and momma of three adorable little kiddos, and while she’s a master of planning and organization, her pantry was acting as a real roadblock to her morning routine! After a few discussion, we set out a plan to rebuild her pantry using one of my favorite products… PureBond!  It’s … [Read more...]

Interview with HGTV Star, Chip Wade!

Sometimes, really fun opportunities come your way as a blogger. Sometimes, they are incredibly exciting and very personal. For me, this opportunity came as the holidays approached. One random day, I received an email from a representative from HGTV! Say, what?!?! So cool. Anyways, they offered me the opportunity to interview Chip Wade, one of my favorite HGTV stars! The gist of the interview was totally up my alley obviously, involving DIY projects, holiday planning, and toilets. Yup, toilets. … [Read more...]

We Have a Winner… Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway

Dawn S., you are the winner!!!  Congratulations on winning your very own stencil!  With over 75 entries... the competition was fierce!  We can't wait to see what project you work up!!! You will be receiving an email shortly regarding your prize! Congratulations again!!! Ashley … [Read more...]

Last Minute Clutter-Free Gift Ideas- My Favorite Things: Gift Edition


I just want to say thank you to all of my lovely ladies that participated in this year’s “Favorite Things” series!  It’s been tons of fun checking out all of their posts and their amazing gift ideas!  From hand-made to local favorites and some stylin’ ones in between… I think I want it all! Now, it’s my turn!  So, let’s share! Well, the time has come for me to share my favorite gift ideas for the holidays!  Everyone knows that getting gifts is super fun.  For me, giving … [Read more...]

Organize 365- My Favorite Things: Gift Edition


Give the gift of organization this year. Have you been thinking about your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? Is “getting organized” one of those? Maybe this is the year you will tackle the clutter and break free from the tyranny of the urgent. Restoring order and precious minutes back into your control… sound too good to be true? I wish that I could offer you a quick fix ~ magic wand~ that would magically organize your home. I do have something almost just as good. My e-book, 10 Steps to … [Read more...]