One Pan Pasta = Scumptious!

One Pan Pasta (>15 minutes)

In 2014, I've resolved to cook a bit more.  Truth be told, while both Eric and I love to cook, he is definitely more of the cook in the family.  With a baby on the way and life absolutely insanely busy all of the time, I'm trying really hard to contribute more to dinner-time cooking!  I'm pretty darn good at meal planning, it's just the cooking part that was lacking. So, when my awesome blogging friend Michelle, from Decor & the Dog, posted a yummy picture of pasta ingredients all in one … [Read more...]

Our ONE WORD: Why we didn’t do New Years Resolutions

My One Word - Growth

Plain and simple, we are goal setters.  We want to do something, we set goals.  Just like I talked about in the last post, Eric and I have lots of SMART goals that we've set for 2014 and I shared a few of the big ones!  But, even though we set goals for ourselves throughout the year, and occasionally use New Years as a launching pad/resetting time for some of our goals, we decided to do something a bit different this year.   We decided to have ONE WORD to inspire our year, for all of 2014.  … [Read more...]

2014- It’s a New Year with Big Plans!

Eric & Ashley Meyer

It's safe to say that while I didn't get to blog as much during 2013, it was certainly an amazing year off of the blog! 2013 was full of fun, love, and major life and business changes! As I shared before, after officially launching my organizing and efficiency consulting business, 2013 was definitely the year of tremendous opportunities. We gained tons of new clients, expanded our services, hired employees, and truly flourished. I'm 100% thankful for everything we were blessed with in regards to … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life: Business Owner, Consultant & Blogger


Since sharing my huge “job” change, I figured it would be fun to share what a day in the life of a business owner, consultant & blogger looks like.  Consulting is definitely my full-time job and blogging is a hobby I started in law school.  So, that said, consulting takes financial priority and blogging comes second most days, but I do my best to blend the two passions.Every day is just a little bit different.  Some days I focus on business-building, education, and lead generation.  Other … [Read more...]

Taking a Leap of Faith–And Boy It’s Paid Off…


Over a year and a half ago, I was at a crossroads in life and in my professional career. I was a year away from finishing law school, had finally got a hold on some frustrating health issues, and was faced with leaving the law firm I was working for. It was crazy. It was a lot all at once. And it was collectively the best thing that could ever have happened for me. If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know that I’m a big believer in, “Everything Happens for a Reason.” I really am. … [Read more...]

Gift Wrap that Rocks!


I think we can all admit that gift wrap gets a bit stale sometimes.  Like really boring.  The same patterns, the same colors, and then it all just starts to blend together.  For my most recent ladies’ craft night, we decided to make our own holiday gift wrap!  It was simple, it was fun, and now, we know that our gifts will stand out amongst the others! I purchased all of the supplies for the ladies to get started with.  I did my best to get an assortment of supplies so … [Read more...]

DIY Pinecone Holiday Garland


My second holiday project was a simple little craft project involving just a little bit of paint, ribbon, and pinecones.  My mantle ends up not getting overly decorated each year.  This year, I wanted to add a little dazzle to our mantle with a simple, cost-effective project.  To make my Holiday Pinecone Garland, I grabbed: Pretty ribbon Scented pinecones Wire Paint of choice (I went with sparkly, but that’s up to you!) A quick, little mini-tutorial goes like this: Paint your … [Read more...]

Scented Soy, Long-Burning Candles with Personalized Labels Tutorial


This year with the holidays approaching and a very busy schedule, I knew that I would only have a small amount of time to tackle holiday projects.  So, I needed to be strategic in my selection process.  The first project that came to mind was soy candles.  I’d been wanting to make them forever and simply haven’t gotten a chance to.  I had found a ton of tutorials only, but the easiest to follow was a “survival candle” tutorial.  I know it sounds kind of funny, but the gist is that soy candles … [Read more...]

2013 Holiday Project Line-Up


Year to year, I hardly have had time to get holiday projects dreamed up, designed, and completed with law school exams always looming.  This year is different for the first time- no more law school!  Yay!!!  And, what does that mean?!?  I actually have holiday projects that I was able to whip up.  Now, these are a bit early for Christmas, but I just thought I’d share a quick sneak peak at the tutorials that I have coming up for this year’s holiday projects.  I’ve even incorporated some of my fun … [Read more...]

Healthy & Accomplished: How I Finished Law School, Healthy, Fit, Strong

Cutting Out the Excess

I've always been a firm believer that life is a journey. When Eric and I got married, my mom read the story, "The Station" at our wedding. It tells the story of life as a train, with stations along the journey where the train stops, but there is never an ultimate destination. It's a powerful story and that synopsis simply does not do it justice, but hopefully it conveys the idea. Life is a Journey, And Boy Do I Love the Ride My life truly has been full of varying stations, none the same as … [Read more...]