$10 Storage Basket Shopping Score!


In case you didn’t catch it in yesterday’s post… I thought I’d give you guys a little up close and personal shot of one of my favorite little scores!  Since I sold the basket that was holding all of our throw blankets, I needed a replacement.  On a recent trip to my local (and good ol’ faithful) Ross, I found this adorable, chunky woven basket!  At only $9.99, it was a total score and I had to have it.  I really wasn’t sure if it would work for the blanket storage, but I … [Read more...]

Dresser as Media Center: A Storage Solution


Many of us have that extra dresser lying around.  While pondering exactly what I wanted to do with an extra dresser in our home, I even wrote a blog post about the various ways you can repurpose dressers in your home (if you missed it, you can check it out here).  The reality is, dressers are extremely versatile and have the ability to store tons o’ stuff! Before you get rid of a dresser, I would urge you to consider the following: Is the dresser in pretty good condition Can the … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY & Review: Fish Foam Window Cleaner


**~**THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED**~** A Tale of the Dirty Slider and Competitive Girl Fish Foam might be the most bad ass, no-holds-bar, take-no-prisoners window cleaner ever!  Seriously… it’s that vicious.  As much of a clean freak and gotta-keep-a-perfect-house type of person as I am, you literally cannot pay me to clean windows.  In the almost three years that we’ve owned our home, I’ve never actually cleaned our windows, other than the occasional “this window needs it bad.”  The two times … [Read more...]

DIY Kid’s Activity Table Redo- 1st Birthday Gift DIY


Our little nephew Bryden, who we introduced you to here, turned one last weekend, and to celebrate, his parents through a pool party shindig!  Honestly, we can’t believe he’s already a year old.  Time really flies… and it makes me scared that when we have kids, the time will fly by even faster!  Yikes! Anywho… his momma, Sarah, saw the charity activity table on the blog a few months ago and told me how much she loved it and wanted to get something similar for Bryden!  I … [Read more...]

Errands, Cleanup, and… GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT


This week is filled with errands, random projects, and lots of long days!  We're in the final push to get some things done before Eric's sister, Julia, moves in.  If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then you probably know that we’re building a custom closet kit, without plans.  While the project is taking a bit longer that we’d hoped, everything looks amazing and we can’t wait to share it with y’all!  Well, we're definitely excited and trying to get as much done as possible, so … [Read more...]

My Love-Hate Relationship with Craigslist


As I mentioned the other day, we’ve began purging some things from our home in preparation for Eric’s sister moving in with us.  While there are many options for selling, I’ve chosen to use Craigslist for some of our larger items, like a bed, vanity, side table, and more.  Craigslist has been the perfect venue for these types of items in the past and having used it so much, it’s become an easy avenue for me.  Lately though… selling things has gotten weird. Honestly, I love the … [Read more...]

Speaking Before Thinking Brings on a Challenge


With Eric’s sister Julia moving in, we knew that we needed to clear out our house a bit.  Clearing your life of physical clutter can really be a therapeutic experience and the perfect approach to embracing a major change, like welcoming a new person into your home.  Honestly though, when we set out to do this, I don’t think either of us realized how much stuff we had that we didn’t actually want.  It started out as “let’s get rid of the stuff in Eric’s office,” so that Julia can … [Read more...]

On the Road Again… 3M Auto Bootcamp


Today, I am flying out to Minnesota to participate in 3M’s Auto Bootcamp!  Many of you probably don’t know this about me, but I am a car fanatic!  In fact, Eric and I both are!  The only problem… he’s a Chevy guy and I’m a Ford girl.  Ya, we try to meet in the middle, but sometimes, it’s just plain hard! In the past five years that Eric and I have been together, working on cars has never really factored into the equation, except for brief tune-ups on the C-J Jeep at his … [Read more...]

Welcome a New Face: Killer B. *designs


Today, I would like to introduce my third sponsor, Brooke, from Killer B. *designs!  Killer B. *designs is a multifaceted blog that covers an array of topics, including DIY, furniture-building, graphic design, momma-hood, and more! Killer B. *designs has long been one of my favorite blogs in the whole-wide-blogosphere, and in the last year and a half of blogging, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know the girl behind the blog, Brooke, a little more!  She is the most real blogger I … [Read more...]

The Kitchen Gets Some Welcome Additions


Specifically… the kitchen received a small, but very impactful makeover!  I shared my adventures into first-time indoor plantings, sink removal and installation, and getting a new faucet.  But, the most important part is this… function and color!  Without those two things, a kitchen is just plain boring and ineffective!  Well… our kitchen had been set on “snooze” for the entire time we’ve owned our home (about 2.5 years).  While we’d painted all of the walls, the yucky … [Read more...]