Get a FREE Backyard Makeover: DIY’s Yardcore Casting Call


Hey y’all!  I just saw a post in our local Sacramento, CA newspaper that DIY Network is doing a casting call for one of their newest shows, Yardcore!  It is a super awesome show that give you a FREE back yard makeover!  If you’re in the area, you need to head over to Green Acres Nursery on Jackson this Saturday, August 25, 2012 to participate!  More details about the casting call can be found here. The premise of the show is that these two awesome brothers, Jake and Joel … [Read more...]

Palm Tree Paradise


Well, it might not be a paradise just yet, but we’re getting there.  We’ve been working trough tons of plans for our back yard this summer, but many of them didn’t get done.  Sadly, for many reasons, including busy schedules and flaky contractors, most of our planned summer backyard project have officially been put on hold until next summer.  BUT… one major thing we did actually get accomplished was getting some more palm trees planted in our yard. In all honesty, I’ve never been … [Read more...]

Keeping the Dirt Inside Your Planter


Everyone who has ever potted plants knows exactly how important proper soil and drainage can be to the health of the potted plant.  But, one thing that has always frustrated me is balancing the soil and the drainage without making a mess.  Sure, there are lots of suggestions out there about using rock in the bottom of the planter, or some other landscaping material to fill most of the planter but still let the water drain.  Personally, I’ve never been fully satisfied with this … [Read more...]

And the winner is… FISH FOAM WINNERS!


We officially have three lucky winners for the Fish Foam giveaway!  And, selected randomly by, here they are… The first winner is… Shirley Lupton! The second winner is… Amy Shuman! The final winner is… Ashley White! Congratulations to all of our lucky winners- you’ll be receiving an email from Fish Foam shortly!!!  I can’t wait to hear about your experiences with Fish Foam!  And, don’t forget to enter our current giveaway for your very own Sol Board, here!!! Have a … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: Sol Boards Custom Wood Cutting Board


**~**THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED**~** Up for grabs today, the winner receives a completely unique, LARGE handmade wood cutting board by Sol Boards Custom Handmade Wood Products, brought to you by Doug and Tana Tolson!  They are an amazing husband and wife team, and you might have seen them on DIY Network’s House Crashers, Bath Crashers, Turf Wars, The Ultimate Crash, Yardcore, and more!  Yes, they’re that amazing!!!  They are two of my favorite people in the whole world and you … [Read more...]

$10 Storage Basket Shopping Score!


In case you didn’t catch it in yesterday’s post… I thought I’d give you guys a little up close and personal shot of one of my favorite little scores!  Since I sold the basket that was holding all of our throw blankets, I needed a replacement.  On a recent trip to my local (and good ol’ faithful) Ross, I found this adorable, chunky woven basket!  At only $9.99, it was a total score and I had to have it.  I really wasn’t sure if it would work for the blanket storage, but I … [Read more...]

Dresser as Media Center: A Storage Solution


Many of us have that extra dresser lying around.  While pondering exactly what I wanted to do with an extra dresser in our home, I even wrote a blog post about the various ways you can repurpose dressers in your home (if you missed it, you can check it out here).  The reality is, dressers are extremely versatile and have the ability to store tons o’ stuff! Before you get rid of a dresser, I would urge you to consider the following: Is the dresser in pretty good condition Can the … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY & Review: Fish Foam Window Cleaner


**~**THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED**~** A Tale of the Dirty Slider and Competitive Girl Fish Foam might be the most bad ass, no-holds-bar, take-no-prisoners window cleaner ever!  Seriously… it’s that vicious.  As much of a clean freak and gotta-keep-a-perfect-house type of person as I am, you literally cannot pay me to clean windows.  In the almost three years that we’ve owned our home, I’ve never actually cleaned our windows, other than the occasional “this window needs it bad.”  The two times … [Read more...]

DIY Kid’s Activity Table Redo- 1st Birthday Gift DIY


Our little nephew Bryden, who we introduced you to here, turned one last weekend, and to celebrate, his parents through a pool party shindig!  Honestly, we can’t believe he’s already a year old.  Time really flies… and it makes me scared that when we have kids, the time will fly by even faster!  Yikes! Anywho… his momma, Sarah, saw the charity activity table on the blog a few months ago and told me how much she loved it and wanted to get something similar for Bryden!  I … [Read more...]

Errands, Cleanup, and… GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT


This week is filled with errands, random projects, and lots of long days!  We're in the final push to get some things done before Eric's sister, Julia, moves in.  If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then you probably know that we’re building a custom closet kit, without plans.  While the project is taking a bit longer that we’d hoped, everything looks amazing and we can’t wait to share it with y’all!  Well, we're definitely excited and trying to get as much done as possible, so … [Read more...]