One Pan Pasta = Scumptious!

In 2014, I’ve resolved to cook a bit more.  Truth be told, while both Eric and I love to cook, he is definitely more of the cook in the family.  With a baby on the way and life absolutely insanely busy all of the time, I’m trying really hard to contribute more to dinner-time cooking!  I’m pretty darn good at meal planning, it’s just the cooking part that was lacking.

So, when my awesome blogging friend Michelle, from Decor & the Dog, posted a yummy picture of pasta ingredients all in one pan on Instagram, I was intrigued.  What was this scrumptious looking dish?!?  And was it as easy to make as it looked?!?  After all, I love easy and yummy… it’s the best combination!  After commenting, she directed me to Martha Stewart’s One Pan Pasta recipe.  And lemme tell ya… I’m forever in her debt!

One Pan Pasta (>15 minutes)

I quickly picked up the ingredients a few days later, did some chopping, threw everything in the pot, and voila… it’s like I was a professional chef or something!  From start to finish, this flavorful dish took about 15 minutes to make- 6 minutes for prep and about 9 minutes to cook.  I couldn’t believe it!

While the pasta was cooking, I seasoned up some chicken breast and threw it on our George Forman Grill (one of our favorite appliances).  Between the pasta and four chicken breasts, I had a complete, healthy dinner for four whipped up in less than 20 minutes!  I’d say that’s a huge success.  Not to mention that we had leftovers the next day too!

If you’re looking for an easy, quick weeknight recipe that is full of flavor and a crowd-pleaser, this may be it.  The full recipe with the ingredients and instructions can be found on Martha Stewart’s website, here.

I’m just warning you… you might thank me later!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it!

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