Mellow Yellow Office Update

Today is Day three of the HOUSEography House Tour Linky Party, and today is all about the home office, craft room, Mom Cave, or other special nook of the home!  Since my last post on my home office, I’ve done a bit of updating, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to go ahead and take some new photos and share them with y’all!









As everything is always a process, there are a few things that I haven’t gotten to yet, and am still working on (I’ll get there…):

  • Upholstered headboard- with extra tapestry fabric from Ikea Anita Grey Curtains (upcoming DIY project!)
  • Add bedskirt (either white or grey)
  • New, neutral bedding (The current yellow bedding is something we already had, but it is just too much yellow for the room! We’ll go with either all white bedding with colorful pillows and a throw, or grey, white, and light blue bedding)
  • Magnetic task board (another upcoming DIY project, and it will take the place of the traditional bulletin board)
  • Cut current Ikea Anita Grey Curtain in half to drape on both sides of the window
  • Debating whether to frame paintings currently on picture ledges

If you didn’t catch my last post about Melissa at HOUSEography, here are the details…

HOUSEography is a great blog written by Melissa, an adorable attorney by day and DIY diva by night!!! (Since I am in law school, I totally look up to her!) To check out other entries, you can go to HOUSEography. Melissa also has a full schedule posted for the House Party Linky Tour, here.


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  1. Love it. I’m envious… I wish I had a little space to call my own. Maybe one day…

    • as I tell our friends down in SLO, property costs a ton more down there! Move up this way and you can have tons more space for the $$$. Your house is totally cute though… so maybe you can consider ALL of the house “your own” space! :)

  2. Love that room! I am a huge fan of yellow of course – so cheerful and timeless. Thanks again for linking up to the tour and for the love!

  3. What a pretty and cheerful space! I’m loving your bird painting too!

  4. Love this room!! So soothing. And absolutely LOVE that painting with the birds.

  5. I saw your link over at HOUSEography! I love how organized and clean it looks! Great job!

  6. Beautiful! Yellow is such a hard color for me to get right but you ‘nailed it’! I love the art too! What a pretty space!

    • Thank you soooo much Roeshel! I LOVE your blog and am very flattered that you stopped by and shared such a wonderful compliment! :) The room is definitely not done, but it’s getting there!!! (when is anything really done though… right?)

  7. You had me at yellow and grey ;) Probably my fav color combo ever. Now if I could only get Brian on board for yellow accents in my planned grey and creme bedroom.

  8. Love the yellow…someone else mentioned that it’s a hard color to do “right”…and you totally did it!!

  9. Great office space, I love the bird painting behind your desk. Where did you get it? I linked up at Houseography this week too.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! The bird painting was actually a lucky find from the Ross store by our house! I’ve never had huge luck at Ross until recently. I was more of a Marshalls, Home Good, TJ Maxx – kind’a girl!

  10. Thanks for hopping over to my blog and leaving a comment! I, too, love that bird painting and I really like the yellow color of the room… it is so soothing… I even feel soothed in the office!

  11. YOU TEASE! I just read your Facebook comment about how we’re totally going shopping if I’m ever in Cali and then I read this?! (Yes, I’m behind.) Siiiiiiiiigh.

    Your guest room is awesome!

  12. This room is beautiful! I love, love the art on the wall and the arrangement, it is just beautiful. The white furniture is perfect with the wall color too! Maybe when my nest is emptier I can have a pretty guest room/ home office! I can dream right! :)

  13. that looks awesome- i especially love the desk and the artwork… the artwork is so colorful and really pops in the room.

  14. Shannon says:

    Stopping by on the home tour link-up! Beautiful room!! I really like the splash of colors and the display of prints.

  15. Great guest room. LOVE those colorful pillows!

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