Master Bedroom Progress- A Healthy Dose of Eggplant

I might be equally excited about our master bedroom progress as I was about the pantry overhaul yesterday!  I’ve been dying to make headway on our master bedroom ever since this post, but have had a heck of a time finding anything that fit my vision, except for my awesome chrysanthemum chair.

After listening to all the feedback in my long-ago post about our master bedroom, I had pretty well settled on the blue walls, cream/taupe as my neutral color, and eggplant-toned purple as our accent.  While we loved the peacock pillows and chair in our master with our chocolate throw, we just loved those items even more in our living room… so back they went!  The only problem with my choice, was actually finding purple “anything,” unless I wanted lilac!  Seriously, I couldn’t even find dark purple pillar candles or bed sheets!  Crazy!!!

My jumping off point was dying our amazingly comfortable Calvin Klein sheets that happened to be a textured green color.  After the initial dye, they were what I lovingly referred to as “fluorescent purple.”  Ok, they weren’t quite that bad, but they definitely weren’t what I was hoping for.  Knowing that the fight wasn’t lost, I set out and purchased more dye (I may or may not have sat on Michael’s floor in front of the dye options, researching color combinations on my phone… thank goodness for smartphones)!  I successfully found that dying a purple item with navy blue would accomplish the eggplant-toned purple I was hoping for.  Just in case though, I bought another purple bottle of liquid dye too!  I got home and immediately set into the process, trying the 2nd purple dose first, and when the depth of color wasn’t reached, I threw in the navy blue!

Picnik collage

Much better! Now, with the sheets finally the way I wanted them… it’s time for a bedding reveal…






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  1. Looking good! Did the dye change the feel of your sheets at all?

    • Thanks Michelle! Actually, thanks for bringing that up, because I should’ve mentioned it. The answer is NO! The sheets have completely maintained their amazing comfort, despite being dyed three times! LOL :) This project was worth it’s weight in gold (or eggplant)! And they don’t fade a bit even after a couple of washings!

  2. OMG!!!! LOOOVE your room! I think I’m going to try dying my sheets too! Did any of the color bleed onto your pjs after the inital dye?

    • aww, thanks Mindy!!! DO IT! It’s seriously the best thing ever!!! No colors bled, but you have to wash the sheets following the dye and rinse until clear. I just make sure I still don’t wash them with anything else. So far, so good!

  3. That looks great! I’ve only tried dying faux petals for our wedding. Epic fail. They came out purple… not red and orange. Some were even black. lol

  4. Perfect time for me to stumble on this! I am actually thinking about dying our bedroom drapes. I had been toying with the idea, but after seeing your sheets I think I am going to go for it.

    • Hi Megan! Thanks for stopping by our blog! You should DEFINITELY do it! I do not regret dying my sheets one bit and they wash up fantastically! :) Please feel free to share pictures after you do your project, and I would be happy to feature your project on my blog… just let me know! :)

  5. The sheets look great! I love the various shades of purple. They add a touch of elegance.

    • Thanks for the sweet compliment Mrs. White and thanks for stopping by our blog! I truly couldn’t be happier with the results and am looking forward to injecting more purple throughout the room! :)

  6. Well, hello! I just found you for the first time on Tip Me Tuesday! I read your post, then immediately subscribed to your blog. My absolute fave color is anything purple and what you’ve done with your bedroom is spectacular. Being a grandma, I’m attracted to sweet young couples (like my granddaughter and her new hubby) and you and your hubby are a cutie-pie couple! And law school! Good for you! Oh, sorry, I digress…love your blog, love your bedroom…and LOVE that you got that chair!!!

    • Dona… you are too sweet!!! Thanks so much for checking out our blog and for the absolutely sweet comments about our bedroom and about us! (**blushing**) I hope you enjoy our blog! I actually just posted another purple project for the bedroom today ( Please come back and visit us and make sure to leave comments so we can keep chatting! :)

  7. Would you believe how few guides there are on dye-ing one’s bedsheets out there? Seriously, how do these people expect me to wing it on my own without the help of blogs these days I shall never know. Thanks for posting on your experience. I am going to try my luck with some sheets I have lying around and hopefully I don’t get dye everywhere. Wish me luck!

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