Loathe or Love the Papasan Chair?

Loathe or Love the Papasan Chair?  I had one in college and it was my constant study companion.  Two years after I graduated college, I started law school and bought one again.  It’s comfy, enveloping, and completely relaxing.  Now, in our home, it just doesn’t have a place…


So, what to do?  I suppose I could try to restyle it to better fit into our decor, but it’s not as awesome as it once was and it seems quite bulky.  Not to mention that the hubby just isn’t into the look of the papasan anymore.

So, I ASK, do you loathe or love the papasan chair???

PS… it hides in a corner of our home that you haven’t seen!  I’ll reveal the room tomorrow! :)



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  1. Lauren Jones says:

    OMG, I know exactly how u feel. I love the chair and how comfortable it is, but it’s so bulky and hard to find a place for. I say restyle it and try and keep it. I have so many mixed feelings about those chairs, hence why I have never bought one. :)

  2. I really love papasan chairs. Especially since I can curl up in them like a cat; blanket, book, cup of tea & me in a papasan chair is a happy day. The problem is that they are quite bulky and hard to fit into decor like you mentioned. We don’t have one currently because of this, but when the day comes that we have a screened/glassed in sun room I am definitely going to be hunting one or two down.

    Another great place for them is at the cabin or cottage where decor/furniture is expected to be more laid back, casual and hodge-podge eclectic.

  3. Bahah .. we JUST got rid of ours. It’s had it’s good days but it never fit into the space it was in — literally. Started scratching up the walls. And was a dumping ground for clothes clean and dirty. Oh well!

  4. I parted with mine this past summer. It went to a loving new home after our garage sale.

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