Ikea Latt Children’s Activity Table Hack

I was recently asked to donate to a local children’s charity which includes a ball and an action.  Fun stuff, right!  So, of course, I went ahead with a donation.  Keeping in mind that this is a children’s charity and there would be lots of parents and grandparents attending, I wanted to create something that would be both attractive and functional.  My decision… the Ikea Latt Children’s Activity Table.

I ran over to my local Ikea and picked one up, but the look left much to be desired… and honestly, what kind of DIYer would I be if I simply donated a store-bought table without putting my own spin on it.  So, this is what I came up with:


The process is very straight-forward and fairly simple, and since it really only involves paint, just about anyone should be able to DIY this project!  To start, I pulled all of possible supplies together, knowing that I might not use them all, but wanted options.


After the supplies were gathered, I pulled all of the pieces for the table and chairs out of the box and laid them out on the floor.  I quickly was able to formulate my painting approach and settled on a soft, grey-blue as the main color, leaving all of the legs natural wood for texture and contrast to the grey-blue color and the black, chalkboard table-top.


First, I painted the the first coat of chalkboard paint on the tabletop, knowing that it would require multiple coats.  The next step was to paint all of the grey-blue accents on the table and chairs.



I was immediately more in love with the blue I had chosen than I thought I would be!  It played so well against the natural wood legs and the dark, charcoal-black chalkboard top.  Score!  Now, here came the challenging party… deciding what to do with the seats!  I have seen so many inspiration pieces everywhere, where people get crazy-creative and do really unique things with chair seats, but knowing that I was trying to appeal to a larger audience and keep things more gender-neutral, I decided to go with a painted geometric pattern, reminiscent of my herringbone laundry room wall! Smile  That pattern still makes me smile!

To shake it up a bit, I did a very loose translation of a herringbone pattern using metallic teal and purple acrylic paints, and a more true-blue leftover house paint sample.  The results were perfect (in my eyes, of course)!  Simple, understated, but still playful and fun!  Oh ya, and you may notice… that is of course my absolute fave painter’s tape- Frog Tape- giving me the crisp lines I was looking for.


After the seat dried, it was time for assembly.  I didn’t take any pictures of this process and I won’t include a tutorial since Ikea makes instructions just about fail-proof.  So, ya, just follow the instructions for assembly, but keep in mind that if you made any paint modifications to the seats, be careful slipping them into place through the slot… scratched paint may or may not have happened to me. Winking smile


Once the table was fully assembled, it was time to apply a little polyurethane to ensure lasting beauty!  (because if just sliding the seat bottoms into place scratched the paint, imagine what a bunch of little baby-bums getting in and outta the chair will do)

After one full coat of poly and two coats on the seat bottoms, we were ready for take-off!  I added a little “art” to the chalkboard surface and off it goes to get ready for auction- NOTE: I say “art” very loosely since I literally have no artistic ability at all and not the steadiest of hands!


And that’s it… hope I’ve inspired a few of you to take on the Latt Hack, and I hope even more that this adorable little table will get auctioned off to someone who will really put it to good use!

And as a total sidenote, I know we don’t have kiddos yet, but I totally wish I could keep this for us for our future kiddos and for our nieces and nephews to play at in the meantime!  I LOVE how it came out! Smile

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  1. Stopping by from YHL!

    I really like what you did to this, especially the chairs. It looks like something you’d find at a pricey children’s furniture store. :-)

  2. this is seriously awesome. End of story.

  3. Hi!

    Love what you did!

    I was thinking did you make sure to prep the chalkboard after you painted it by rubbing a new stick of white chalk all over the surface?

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment Crys! I actually did prep the surface by rubbing chalk all over, but unfortunately, my camera died so I didn’t snag pictures of that process. :( Reminder to self- charge camera regularly! LOL

  4. Aww, cute idea! Hope the new owners love it!

  5. Ya know, I don’t know you, or know your plans for a family, so I hope I don’t offend you. BUT…..I wanna be your kid! I can only imagine the great things you could come up with for a nursery, toddlers room…and on, and on! This project was outta the park!! You are SO creative!

    • lol… no, not offended at all! In fact, I’m super flattered!!! I can’t wait to have kids one day and get to surround them with fun design and hand-made love. :) Thanks so much for your super super sweet compliment! :)

  6. Shirley Lupton says:

    I really love this post. I don’t think there is anything you can’t do. It will be interesting to know how much it goes for in the auction. Let us know.

  7. Looks great! I especially like the pattern on the little chairs!

    ~em at small girl, big world

  8. SOOOO cute! I love Ikea hacks, and this one is at the top! Such a fun and sweet table and chairs! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    • Thanks sooo much Cassie! With all the linky party entries, I’m super flattered that you had time to stop by and check out my full project! So glad to have found you through the linky party! I’m a huge new fan! :)

  9. This looks awesome! I love the colors you chose, and the pattern looks fabulous. Great job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!


  10. I have a few questions. When you painted the table, did you sand, prime, and then apply chalkboard paint. That is what it says in the directions of the one that I could barely see from the picture. Also, it would be helpful if you were to post all the details, specially for some people that don’t do painting.

  11. Julie merchant says:

    Great idea. I did the chalkboard top and that tourquoise that is all the rage with the shabby theme.

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