I went shopping… and I liked it!

The other night I actually had a few hours of free time, which rarely every happens, and so I decided to go on a little shopping trip and scope out some home decor!  YUP, that’s what I do in my free time!  It’s “me” time… what can I say?  Anyways, I knew that if I was going to scope out some furniture and decor for our house, there were two places I wanted to hit that night.  One- Ikea.  Two- Ross.  These are the two places where I manage to score a lot of our favorites, including my chrysanthemum chair!


Anyways, off I went to my local Ikea store!  Yes, I do live within 10 minutes of an Ikea and yes, it is a problem for the hubby!  Seriously though, Eric absolutely hates going to Ikea even though he loves everything I get.  Thus, as a “gift” to him, I took the time to go without him! ;)

Now, on to the shopping.  While there are tons of amazing things that I could enjoy looking at and there are lots of beautiful things for other people’s homes, I decided I had to narrow my perusing criteria, otherwise, I thought I might get lost in the endless continuum of aisles that is Ikea!  So, the decision was made to photograph key items and decor that I want to use in our home.

Mainly, we are tossing around the idea of getting rid of our matching sofa/loveseat set seen here, moving our leather sectional back into the family room where it used to live, and getting a different, smaller sectional for the living room that was overhauled by House Crashers, seen here and with updates, seen here.  So, I looked through the sofa options and settled on a few modern, clean-lined basic sofas that come in tans and greys.



At the moment, we’re thinking that this bad boy might just work for us! It is a totally versatile piece of furniture with clean, modern lines and is super comfy to boot! Score! Not sure if we’ll ultimately go with the dark grey/blue seen below or the tan one above… we’ll see! In the meantime, isn’t that storage amazing! It would be perfect to keep pillows and bedding in there for guests when the couch is converted to its full-sized bed!




A quick pic of a table I’m wanting to add to our home… but we’ll see if we get it depending on how we rework some of our current furniture!


And what about this amazing buffet/dresser?!?!? I’ve been dying to have it in our home and it looks like Ikea is getting rid of it… what are they thinking??? Isn’t she totally gorgeous?



And check out these chairs! I know I’ve totally seen them all over the blogosphere, but at some point, Eric and I might DIY an outdoor table and throw these with it! :) Fun!


And this bench totally could go on our new paver patio porch!


Next, I snapped a quick photo of some fabric that I’d like to use in some sort of way in my Mellow Yellow Office/Guest Room!  I’m loving the blues and greys and tans, and the fabric would totally pull the other rooms of the house into this room.  Most likely, the fabric would become some kind of pillows, but may also be incorporated into some decor pieces too… we’ll see!



Next, I moved on to the rugs!  Oh goodness, how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ikea rugs!  Not only are they totally affordable, but they come in a huge array of styles, colors, shapes, textures… and the list could go on and on and on… so I’ll spare ya the word-details and move right on to the pics!






While ALL of those rugs are absolutely gorgeous and I would just DIE to have any of them in our home, I think the main contenders for upcoming additions are these bad boys:




Bet you guys are wondering where these gigantic rugs would be going… I’m just going to leave that one a surprise!  BUT, you are more than welcome to guess!!!

I’ve also been pondering some wall art for the Master Bedroom and a frame collage somewhere in our home, so, of course, I had to stop by the frame section!  Cuz, let’s be honest… Ikea’s prices on large frames just cannot be beat!  Here are a few of my selections (I’m still trying to decide what color to go with for our bedroom frames… EEK!):





And this GIGANTIC frame might work perfectly for over our bed!!!


And for no real reason… I just love this one! The dark wood mixed with the metal accents gives it an adorable rustic charm!


My last stop at Ikea was the fun candle/vase/flower/misc. section!  I love this little section.  They always seem to have some of the coolest, sleekest, funnest (is that a word? No! LOL) stuff!  Like all of these!



I would totally rock these skinny and tall glass or white candlesticks! I LOVE the white, but for some reason, I just can’t seem to get enough glass stuff in our house! :)


And I’m thinking I may need to add a few of these succulents to our home somewhere! (PS- sorry for the super awful, blurry picture.  Sometimes my hands get randomly shaky and this was one of those moments.  Stupid genetic curse!  Oh well!)





After the jaunt around Ikea, I was thoroughly exhausted, but just HAD to make one last stop at my local Ross! There really isn’t much explanation for these items, other than I LOVE THEM!!!

These faux coral vases were totally to die for! At only $12-$15 a piece, they are totally statement pieces on the cheap!


And how about this adorable desk lamp for only $20?


And more fun, textural table lamps in various sizes for less than $15 a piece!


Oh… and THESE Moroccan-style nesting tables STOLE MY HEART!!! And they were only $15, $30, and $40! NOT BAD AT ALL!!!! (PS- can you tell I love these tables by all the capital letters?!?!?)


Seriously guys… I had a dream about these tables suddenly showing up in my house!!! If only…

Anyways, that concludes my shopping adventure! I just can’t get enough of all the amazing house inspiration! I seriously could spend some serious $$$ on my little trips, but really, most of the time, it’s just great for inspiration and planning!

Do you guys ever go shopping solely for planning or inspiration or do you always end up bringing things home? Have a favorite shopping strategy or a favorite home decor store?

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  1. Oh how I love Ikea!! The closest one to me is 4 hours away…so I was living vicariously through your photo tour! (Thanks for that fix! lol). I loved the rugs too! It’s hard to walk through that section without touching all the different textures! Can’t wait to see where you’re planning on using them. And those blue vases?! LOVE. And Ross…again, another store I’m too far from! Those lamps are a steal!! I really like the faux coral pieces. I can picture a colored candle in them… like peach or dark blue!! :)

  2. Wow, if I lived 10 minutes away from an Ikea that would certainly be dangerous. 45 minutes is an appropriate amount. Hah.

  3. I so love Ikea!! I’m seriously jealous of you! The closest one to us is 2.5 hours away which we WILL be visiting very soon for some nursery related items! I wish I could live so close…yet another reason we need to move to SoCal!

    I’m loving the coral vases, I can’t wait to see what yall end up doing!

  4. I love Ikea. I was there last week. It’s dangerous for me to go there. Luckily, it’s just far enough that I think twice about going.

  5. I live 10 minutes from Ikea too. My husband will not go in there unless I know EXACTLY what we are buying (like, I need to know the aisle & bin #s) . I don’t go there too often, simply because I don’t trust myself in that store! HAHAH! I love ribba frames, can’t beat that price with a stick! Plus they come with mats. I love those blue glass vases!! We don’t have ROSS around here, but those coral inspired pieces are sweet!

  6. Can you believe I’ve never been to IKEA? Seems like a crime…hopefully that will change in a month! Love your finds…you should totally go for that buffet. :)

    • OMG! Seriously… killing me Michelle!!! You will LOVE it once you go! You will also quickly realize that there is a lot of cheap junk there, but there are some amazing pieces too… it’s just about being selective! Seriously, I would DIE to have that buffet, but as it stands, I don’t have a place for one. :(

  7. I have that sofa-bed from IKEA! I live in a studio apartment, so it’s perfect because it doubles as both my couch and my bed. Everyone thinks I have a bedroom behind one of my closet doors when they come over because the couch makes it look like a real living room! I got a foam mattress topper for it because it is a little stiffer than what I usually prefer in a bed, but with the topper it’s super comfortable. Only downside – the fabric catches cat hair like no other. I have to use a small vacuum and an lint roller to get it out.

    Highly recommend it!

  8. Oh my goodness, I cant believe how much nicer things you have at Ikea over there compared to here in Australia.. And cheaper!! lol I think I just might have to move over there :) I love your blog, and I think you should definitely buy that black buffet. I just went to Ikea the other week, I put my buys up on my blog :) I seriously cant get enough of that place!

    • Hi Simone! Welcome to our blog!!! That’s crazy that there’s such a difference between our Ikeas! Hmm… maybe shipping to Australia makes the items more expensive. :{ I really really really want that buffet, but I just have no idea where I’d put it at the moment. :( I’m totally going to have to head over and check out your buys and your blog! Thanks again for stopping in! We love meeting new faces!!!

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