Easy Approach to Properly Purge Your Closet

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times on the blog, I am very fortunate to be receiving tons of hand-me-downs from my mom, who happens to have amazing style and is down-sizing.  One challenge of receiving lots of new stuff is that the closet was becoming more and more congested.  As well, my style, while still fairly traditional, has been changing as of late.  This may be due to my developing passion for super-bold colors or due to Pinterest showing me different ways to re-work my closet.  Regardless, it was time to purge!


As soon as I had the chance, I dove right in.  While I didn’t actually wake up with a plan to tackle this project that day, I suddenly got a wild hair that “today is the day!”  No matter how and when you approach the project, just make sure that you are realistic about the amount of time it will take!  I happened to have a half of day to dedicate to this project, so I set aside four hours to git r’ done!

The process should be relatively stress free, if done right.  To easily and properly purge your closet, do the following:

STEP 1- Establish a process before you start your purging!  My process involved four key parts: Keep, Maybe, Donate, Needs Repair.  This is what I was faced with when I began this process…

IMG_4425 V2



STEP 2- Hang signs to sort all of your belongings into each section.


STEP 3- Remove and divide up all belongings from your closet.  Some people remove 100% of the everything all at once, but I chose to remove items section by section.  This is completely up to you, what works best.  The most important thing to remember is that you need to remove and sort ALL of the clothes before anything goes back into the closet!




STEP 4- Group all of your belongings.  Once all clothes, shoes, etc. are removed from the closet and sorted into their respective sections, divide the “Keep” section into groups.  Groups can be established by type (pants/shirts/sweaters/shoes/purses), color, season, occasion (work/casual/formal), etc.  These groups really depend on you, but are essential to making a closet usable and efficient.


STEP 5- Decide how each group of items should be displayed: folded or hung, and on a shelf, rod, or in a drawer.


STEP 6- Fill your closet from top to bottom.



STEP 7- Pat yourself on the back and enjoy what you’ve just accomplished!  Because, let me tell you people, purging your closet takes time and effort- four hours of time and effort to be exact!






Once completed, you should have a pleasantly usable and efficient closet!  I’m completely stoked to have reclaimed my closet!!!  Honestly, it feels like I have a completely new wardrobe!  In the last few days, I’ve found myself creating completely new outfits, and standing and daydreaming in my closet for no real reason.  Sounds ridiculous, but once you do this too, you’ll understand!

EXTRA BONUS:  If you think you might have some items in the closet that you could still get rid of, try this.  For all hanging items, place hangers backwards,  Then, as each item is worn, the hanger gets turned around to the normal position.  After one year, any items on hangers that have not been turned around gets automatically purged!  Fun, right?!?!?


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  1. Kind of amazing that you posted this NOW. Seriously. Last night I told my daughter, that one of these weekends when we have time, I’d like her to help me clear out my closet! Ha! After reading this, I don’t think I’ll wait for her…I can totally do it. Doesn’t sound like such a daunting task when you break it down like you did! Ah, girl, you’re the best! Thanks!

    • That’s awesome! So glad I could help! I actually am in the process of working on my mom’s closet with her too! Mother-daughter time is great, so if you can schedule it, do it! If not, you’re totally fine to tackle this project on your own!!!

  2. This is a great method of purging out your closet. My wife and I recently purge our closet because we moved from Florida to Michigan. How often do you recommend purging your closet?

    • Hi Matthew and thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a really nice comment! I highly recommend doing it once a year. If you do this yearly, then the process is a lot less intensive and faster. It really is a great cleansing process and helps you keep on eye on what you have, what you need, and most of all… what you don’t need! :) This way, you’re totally avoiding clutter!

      Also, if you are really ambitious, some people purge twice a year. It’s great if you have the time. For me, I think I’ll just commit to once a year.

  3. My friend the organizer once told me to buy all same-color/style hangers. I wondered why the big deal and accused her of hyper-OCD, but I went and got inexpensive white plastic tube and clip hangers. Ended up to be a great tip: It really made a difference in the visual appeal, uniformity and tidiness of my closet.

    • Uniform hangers absolutely make sense, and they do give a closet a much cleaner look! BUT, if you ever can’t afford them, then just try to group similar hangers for different sections of the closet!

  4. I carry the plastic hangers one step further. I have gotten packages of 10, mixed colors, so I try to coordinate the color of the top/shirt to the hanger color. Sometimes I have to resort to white. :)

  5. I find that the easiest way to get rid of stuff is to first establish what you need for the occasions that you may have, formal, semi formal and casual, wedding, funeral, Christmas, Easter, job interview attire, career wear, sports or workout gear, swimming, vacation, church and every day wear.rnThen after that is established I ensure that I have timeless interchangeable pieces. I get rid of the rest.rnMy shoes are basic, sandals or flip flops for vacations and down time. Stroppy solid color high heal sandals with some kind of embellishment for formal wear and a solid color clutch to match. Nude, black or brownish conservative pumps for job interviews or church or funeral, I prefer black because they are so versatile. A pair of conservative solid color flats for work or casual, running shoes because that is what I am into (if I was into field sports I am sure I would own cleats, or bowling I would own shoes) and canvas sneakers for every day and I own a pair of boots for in the winter time but after getting out of the military I swore I would never again wear boots unless I was required of me. That is it, I actually only own 7 pairs of shoes but they work for me for every occasion. And I only have two purses, my every day purse for running errands and a plain black clutch, and I own a backpack because sometimes you just have to gets things places and you need your arms free, my backpack even served as a diaper bag. Other accessories like scarves I own in semi abundance because they were great nursing cover ups and they can take a dark suit from winter to spring or every day church to Christmas and Easter service or take a sheath from office to church.

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