DIY Pinecone Holiday Garland

My second holiday project was a simple little craft project involving just a little bit of paint, ribbon, and pinecones.  My mantle ends up not getting overly decorated each year.  This year, I wanted to add a little dazzle to our mantle with a simple, cost-effective project. 

DIY Holiday Pinecone Garland

To make my Holiday Pinecone Garland, I grabbed:

  • Pretty ribbon
  • Scented pinecones
  • Wire
  • Paint of choice (I went with sparkly, but that’s up to you!)


A quick, little mini-tutorial goes like this:

  1. Paint your pinecones the way you like and allow to dry.
  2. Cut ribbon to length.
  3. Space pinecones out along your ribbon.
  4. Attach pinecones with either ribbon or wire to the main ribbon.
  5. Dress it up the way you like!  (I added a little twirl of red and gold ribbon to my silver rope ribbon, and I love the added dimension!)


That’s it!  It’s simple, whimsical, and a little bit of fun for our mantle this year!


How do you dress your mantle?

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