How to DIY a Herringbone Color-Blocked Wall Pattern

My favorite part of my recent laundry room overhaul just might be the fun, herringbone-patterned, color-blocked wall… it was my jumping off point for this entire makeover!  I knew that I wanted some kind of fun accent wall and I really didn’t want to just do a plain-colored wall, but I also didn’t want to spend the time or money for a stencil for this project either!

Picnik collage

Before I could even get started, I had to do some quick demo by hammer/prying out the existing shelf, patching holes with spackle, and spray-texturing to blend where the shelf was and match the existing texturing (it takes some practice, but after a few times, you become a pro!).

Picnik collage

When the wall was finally fully prepped and dried, it was time to paint! Because our laundry room is a high-traffic area and since there is moisture in laundry rooms, we went with semi-gloss paint.  Since I knew that the wall behind the washer was going to be the “accent wall,” I went ahead and painted that wall and the ceiling Swiss Coffee white. After that, I followed up and painted the remaining three walls Kelly Moore’s Snip of Tannin (basically a really light and airy tan color- same as Eric’s office).



After the base paint went on, I allowed two days dry time and then got down to business.  Normally I never ever paint with tape, but there was no way I was going to accomplish any elaborate or even remotely cool accent wall if I didn’t use it.  I have to say that my past experiences with using tape while painting textured walls have not been good, so I was a bit wary going into the process and as such, I read up on every little detail to get this project done right!

In an attempt to give myself the best possible chance of success that I could, I purchased FrogTape with PaintBlock technology.  The gist of it is that the “sealing” technology is supposed to give you as clean and crisp of a line as possible!  Scotch-Blue Painters Tape with edge-lock technology supposedly does the same thing and I have heard really good reviews for it, but the Frog was first in my sights.

Frog Tape

Once the walls were fully dry, I laid out my pattern, pencil-marked it on the walls, and began tapingEric was gone at work and thought this would’ve taken me years to do, but it only took about 1.5 hours, including my taping mistakes and corrections.  We have nine foot ceilings in our house and I knew I wanted at least four columns to get the full affect of the herringbone pattern.  I also decided to have nine sections per row and further calculated my measurements to accommodate this.


TIP #1: if for some reason you are any bit unsure about the process or about how the pattern might look, I highly recommend drawing it out to scale on a piece of paper to make sure you like what you see- it’s a lot easier and a lot less time consuming to draw and erase than it is taping, removing tape, and re-taping again!

After the tape was all up on the wall, I looked to my sketch and then penciled into each section which paint color went where, that way there was no confusion and I didn’t end up with a wonky looking wall… after all, I wanted random, but not randomly sloppy!

TIP #2: If you’re wary about getting a crisp line on textured walls too, I recommend you follow the manufacturers instructions for textured walls and do the following… they’re not messing around!

1- Secure the tape by pushing it down with your fingers into each “nook and cranny”.
2- Run a flat tool firmly down the length of the tape to further ensure it is pressed down into the textured surface.
3- Apply a very thin coat of the original color along the edges of the tape. This will activate the PaintBlock technology and seal the edge of the tape.
4- Let the paint dry.
5- Using the color with which you want to paint the taped off area, apply a coat of paint along the edge of the tape.
6- Paint to fill in the rest of the area .
7- Run a box cutter or utility knife lightly along the edge of the tape in the corner. Be careful not to press too firmly as to harm the surface of your wall.
8- Remove the tape at 180 degree angle at a slow and steady pace.
9- Enjoy your newly painted accent wall and sharp paint lines.

After the Swiss Coffee that had been painted over the Frog Tape to seal my lines had time to dry, I immediately got started with my first color.  Using my pencil markings in the sections, I quickly rolled all three colors, one color at a time.  I didn’t worry about cutting in anywhere since I figured that I could do that with a steady hand after the tape was removed and because I was more worried about the paint over-drying and the tape not coming off cleanly.




With the painting completed and before the painted sections were dry, I began removing the Frog Tape.  Again, it is very important to refer to the manufacturers instructions for this process as well, at least in the beginning and then you can judge what is working for you.  For me, I began with a box cutter but soon found that I didn’t necessarily need one.  BUT, one thing that I did find very important and very helpful, is the angle at which you remove the tape!  I really tried to keep as steady and consistent an angle as possible and it worked like a charm!!!

The end result was crisp, clean lines requiring no touch up (unless you are totally anal-retentive like me)!!!  Seriously though, I did minimal touch up simply while I was cutting in the edges as mentioned before.




While I don’t expect to suddenly be a “use tape every time I paint” kind’a girl, I must say that I have a renewed faith in painters tape for textured walls!  It gave me fabulous results and I’ll definitely be using it for some painting project in the not-so-distant future! :)  So, stay tuned to see what craziness I decide to get myself into!

Remember, you can check out the full room reveal, here!

TELL ME- IS THE WALL A LOT MORE DRAMATIC THAN IT LOOKED IN THE REVEAL WITH ALL THE DECOR??? ANYONE WILLING TO GIVE THIS PROCESS A TRY?!?!? It really was not that hard, just a bit time consuming. I’m seriously so in love with it, and bummed about how much the wall got covered with necessities, that I’m actually thinking of doing this on some huge wall in my house!

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  1. It turned out awesome! Thanks for the tutorial =)

  2. This is really cool! When you’re in the room, does it feel like the wall is still flat, or like it has a 3D wavy effect? I really like the neutrals you chose for the wall, and it is definitely one of the most interesting accent walls I’ve seen!

    Would love to have you Link it up at our {very first} link party over at One Project Closer!

    • lol… I never even thought of it feeling 3D, so I guess it feels flat, but that’s an interesting thought! :)

      Thanks for your really sweet compliments! I’ll definitely head over and check out your linky party!

  3. Wow…this looks AMAZING!! Love the pattern and the colors!! So cool!

  4. Wow! It looks so good and I agree that it’s a shame that you had to cover up so much of it! The colors are beautiful and you make it look a lot easier than I bet it was!

    • Seriously, I agree! I LOVE it so much, that I’m totally thinking of doing the same pattern somewhere else in our home so I can stare at the full effect every day!!! :) In all honesty… it was THAT easy! It took time, but it really wasn’t hard!

  5. Saw this over at IHeart Organizing… and I’m totally inspired. We’re in the process of purchasing a house as we speak, and this will be on my to do list before we move in!!!

    • awesome! I’m glad to hear that you loved the treatment and that you’re in the process of buying a home! Home ownership is a lot of work, but it is just sooooo rewarding! Good luck with your home, and if you happen to do your own version of the wall treatment in your home, shoot me an email with pictures and I will feature it on my blog as a reader redesign! :) GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING!

  6. I loved this so much I had to share a blip of it on my blog! It looks absolutely amazing! Great job!

  7. this wall pattern looks so good that I want to try it in different shades for focal points…blues+greens for son’s room. or .pinks+lavender for daughter’s room… thank you for the detailed process and congratulations on your fabulous project

  8. I saw this at Iheartorganizing and LOVED it. My eye was drawn immediately to the wall despite the shelving, etc. I’ve avoided stenciling but wanted the look of a geometric, neutral patter – and this is it!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    • that’s awesome Leisel and that is exactly how I felt for this space! If you happen to do the project, let me know! I’d love to feature it as a reader redesign here on my blog! Good luck!!! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. :)

  9. Amazing…. absolutely love it! And it looks so perfect! Came over from iheartorganizing…. Did you measure how deep you wanted to chevron pattern to be beforehand? If so, what were your measurements? It looks awesome!

    • Hi Moni! Thanks for coming over to our blog! We absolutely LOVE the results we got! As for the pattern… yes, I did do measurements and set out a pattern ahead of time. The width of the herringbone pattern was simply split to accommodate the width of the wall with four sections and the tape. As for height, I decided on 11-inches per “square,” with the width of the tape in between each one. Does that make sense? Hopefully! If not, I can try to clarify with a picture! :)

  10. I saw this on iHeart Organizing and want to tackle this project this weekend! I love the wall and shelves and everything! 2 questions: I am bit concered about measuring out the lines how did you ensure they were straight and at the exact correct angle–I hope that makes sense and 2. the rod you used to hang your clothes under the shelf–where did you find that?


    • Hi Ashley- Thanks so much for popping over and I’m glad the post provided some inspiration!!!

      1. I first measure and taped off the three “columns” to ensure those were even. Once that was done, I attacked one column at a time and worked my way from column to column. As I went along, I used a tape measure and a level to ensure that all of my angles were lining up. I think that’s the best recommendation I can make… measure and level as you go!

      2. the rod I used is from Ikea and was only $5. I’ve written a full post of supplies and costs today:

      Hope that helps and best of luck! Feel free to send me some before and after pics and I’d be happy to share the room on my blog! :)

  11. Just catching up on what you guys have been doing and I have to say you really have done an amazing job with this wall, sooo effective…love it!!

  12. That herringbone looks stunning. Love the colours you’ve used. Thanks for sharing the how-to!

  13. I love it! I love it so much so that I’m going to try it in my sons room (multiple shades of blue) once we get around to setting it up (he’s 3 mos old and currently sharing our room)… I’ll try to send pics once I get it done! Thanks for the inspiration- this is exactly what I’ve been waiting/looking for- my daughter has a harlequin wall of pink, yellow and cream in her room (the other three walls are yellow) so I wanted something equally impressive in my sons room but not identical- this is it!

    • That’s so awesome Anna! I’m glad you liked the project and you are going to do it in your sons room (sounds like your daughter’s room is already stunning)! I’d love it if you’d share your results with me when your done, and then I can share it on the blog!!! :)

  14. Hi! I pinned this on Pinterest, posted on fb, and featured at Creative DIYers Club. Please feel free to grab the feature button :)

  15. This is amazing, totally love the result! I’m very obviously a little partial to herringbone.

    Happy Thursday!

    Kelly @ herringbone lane

  16. What a beautiful transformation! I love it! I’m your newest follower. Megan

  17. Love it – the pattern, the color choice and the great directions!! What a fun laundry room.

  18. That is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing :)

  19. looks great! love the pattern and the colours!

  20. Gorgeous! Great tutorial too!

  21. This is so great! I just redid my laundry space as well: Laundry Closet Redo

  22. You laundry room looks fabulous, and I love the color block wall! I’m featuring this tomorrow morning at 4 am and have added it to my paint color galleries. Thanks so much for linking up to my last paint color party!

  23. These colors are awesome for a project like this; too bright and you risk having a seizure every time you look at the wall, but too light and you can’t tell what the effect is supposed to be. Thanks for linking up again!


    • totally! LOL I really LOVE the pattern, but it definitely could be too much if not done right! Though… I have to say that I am a bit bummed that so much of it is covered up… makes me tempted to do the pattern somewhere else in our house too! :)


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