Dining Room- To Repaint or Not To Repaint?

Many people of seen our dining room a time or two here on our blog, and we absolutely LOVE it, but lately… I have been wondering if the teal/turquoise is really the right color for our home… I’ve always wanted a purple accent wall in our dining room.

This is what the room currently looks like:







This is the only image I found that most closely represents the purple shade I would be going for- more of a purple-grey-blue tone:

I’d love some feedback and thoughts!  I am just not sure if the turquoise really flows with the rest of our house… though I may need to wait to make an drastic paint decisions until I actually finish the flooring throughout the house… that might help TONS with continuity and flow!

I’m linking up with the Roomspiration Party over at Involving Color… come join in!


**PS- still working out the slow-loading and oversized picture issues on the blog… please hang tight if you’re still experiencing them! :)  Thank you for the understanding and patience!

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  1. I really like the blue, but then again it is my favorite color. I think it looks good with your wood furniture and flooring.

  2. Sure, why not? Any cons? It’s just paint!

  3. I like the teal with the table and floors but if you love purple and think it will flow better, it’s your house, do what you love! :)

    • Thanks Ange! The current color DOES go really well with the floors and table… and that might be one of my biggest hesitations in changing it! hmm… Seriously though… getting to “do what you want” might just be the best part about home ownership!

  4. We had a choice between 4 colours when we were looking to paint our rooms. We bought 1mx1m MDF sheets, painted each with two coats of the paint colour. We then left them around the house so we could see how they looked at various times during the day, in different lights and in different rooms. It helps if you live with them for a while. But at the end of the day, paint is the easiest thing to change.

    • LOVE the MDF sheet idea. My parents did that in their house too. Paint chips are truly just too small. I really think I need to actually do this… don’t know why I haven’t yet… :) Thanks for the tip Michelle!

  5. I would keep the blue! :) Thank you for linking up to Roomspiration. This is a wonderful dining room!

  6. Okay, personally I like the blue accent wall…we have one too but go for it! It’s just paint! If you don’t like it you can paint it and it’s only one wall so you’ll be able to knock it out quickly!

  7. I’m going against that masses (which is weird for me). I personally don’t love the blue but I think that purple is fabulous! But, most importantly, it’s your house and you should have colors that you love around you!!
    (Your blog is working much better for me now!! Yay!)

  8. Ashley, I love the blue wall color, but I think a purplish gray would look great as well! I think you should go for it!

  9. I like the blue, but I think purple would be equally great!

    We recently painted our closet office a deep periwinkle kind of blue, but we are contemplating repainting it because it doesn’t feel very “us”. Gotta love that paint is fairly easy to redo!

  10. I vote paint it purple. It is an accent wall. The color should make you happy. And purple makes you happy. Just do it !!

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