DBL’s Guide to Organized Holiday Gift-Giving

The holiday season is already in full swing!  I know we’re barely past Halloween, but have you seen all the Christmas decor and sales already going on?  They’re everywhere!  As crazy as that seems, the holiday push actually aligns right about the same time that I like to start my holiday planning and shopping.

Truth be told, I love the holidays and I love gift-giving, but there are a few things that don’t work well for me:

  • the stress of last minute shopping;
  • buying gift cards because I don’t take the time to truly think about that person; and
  • contributing to clutter!  (I guess that’s the professional organizer in me.)

So, to help combat all of those things, and hopefully to inspire someone else to do the same, I’ve come up with my Guide to Organized Holiday Gift Giving!

DBL's Guide to Organized Holiday Gift Giving If you’ve been following us for a while, then you know that my hubby comes from a large family of nine kids.  So that means, that we have a ton of people to shop for, including 15 nieces/nephews.  With all those wish lists to fill, we went a little outside the traditional box of toys and clothes to spoil the kiddos and parents.

For all of the nieces and nephews, we got them personalized 31 Bags Cinch Sacks!  They were a huge hit!  We chose that product because each kid could stuff the bag full of their favorite belongings- toys, stuffies, etc.- and then carry it themselves.  As well, we ordered each bag in that kiddo’s favorite colors and picked font styles to match their personalities!  The kids loved them so much, that they had a little modeling session.  I honestly couldn’t believe it.  They were adorable.  And sadly… I can’t find the pictures now.

Another favorite were the collapsible coolers that we bought for our parents!  Our moms are always on the go, and they always are toting around food from the store, from the house, to our houses, etc.  To ease the burden and give them something they’d actually use, we settled on the Fresh Market Thermal.  They love them and use them nearly every day!  Win-win!

Fresh Market Thermal - Plum Plaid

For the hubby, I ordered the Large Utility Tote in black… ‘cuz he’s a dude and doesn’t like cool patterns or colors. He loves it!  Being an attorney, he constantly has files and paperwork strewn about the back of his car.  Ever since last year, he’s been using the tote, and it’s tidied up the space and kept everything clean and in order.  Eric might just be as obsessive about a clean car as me, so this was definitely an awesome purchase! Large Utility Tote For myself, I ordered the Zip-Top Organizing Tote.  It’s been awesome, and it’s been used for tons of different things.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Organizing Utility Tote Making the list this year… The On-The-Go Stroller Bag, another Large Utility Tote for my car this time, and possible some other special gifts that I can’t share here just yet! :)  How adorable is this stroller organizer going to look on our stroller?!?  I LOVE IT!

Stroller Organizer In the end, the thing I love most about my Thirty-One Bags gifts is that they are super useful, stylish, well-made, and make amazing gifts that everyone loves without contributing to clutter!  In fact, I would go as far as saying that they are a solution to current clutter challenges!

In case you’re interested in ordering some awesome 31 Bags gifts for your holiday list, you are welcome to order from my party, or host a party yourself!  I was not compensated for this post, but am simply sharing because I genuinely LOVE the products and they made amazing gifts last year for our family and friends!

To Check Out the Amazing Products, Place an Order, or join My Thirty-One Bags Party go here: www.mythirtyone.com


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