A Day in the Life: Business Owner, Consultant & Blogger

Since sharing my huge “job” change, I figured it would be fun to share what a day in the life of a business owner, consultant & blogger looks like.  Consulting is definitely my full-time job and blogging is a hobby I started in law school.  So, that said, consulting takes financial priority and blogging comes second most days, but I do my best to blend the two passions.Every day is just a little bit different.  Some days I focus on business-building, education, and lead generation.  Other days, I focus on client relations.  And the rest of the days, I focus on marketing, networking, large client projects, and more!  So, for the purposes of giving you a glimpse into my world as a consultant and blogger, I thought I’d capture a day that I was mostly in the office.

6:30am: Wake Up & Eat Breakfast.  I like to eat first thing.  I’m a hungry person and waiting is generally not an option.  Most days I have a green smoothie or a Shakeology smoothie.  On my naughty days, I have toast.  If I’m feeling really ambitious, I’ll make oatmeal or steel cut oats.


7-7:30am:  Workout.  This doesn’t happen some days, but most days, I try to get a workout in to get my body moving, metabolism cranking, and up the energy levels for the day.


7:30-8:30am: Getting ready for my day!  Shower, hair, makeup… the whole shebang happens in that hour.  Sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.

8:30-10am: Email management.  I try to keep my emails down to a minimum.  Everything gets addressed in my inbox.  At most, I have twenty emails a day actively in my inbox, but I easily get upwards of 80 emails per day.  I dedicate time to clearing out my email every morning so that I know what needs to be taken care of that day, but also so that anything else that comes at me that day is appropriately prioritized.


10-11:30am: Marketing & Networking time.  During this time, I pull out my Business & Marketing plan which has my yearly and monthly marketing goals on it.  I assess whether or not I’m meeting those goals.  If there are any voids, I reassess the goal and why it’s not being met.  Sometimes, when large client projects keep me out of the office a lot, the marketing components fall off.  Not good.  But client work and satisfaction always reigns supreme!!!  So, I have do some brainstorming to see if I can’t remedy the situation.  Most of the time I can, and when I can’t I simply have to adjust my marketing schedule.


Networking is always going to be a huge part of my business.  My networking schedule keeps me going to at least one major networking event each week.  I attend monthly association breakfasts, cocktail mixers, wine tastings, business luncheons, and more.  There are invaluable resources at networking events.  They are a must!  I only miss them if I’m sick, truly maxed out on my schedule and needing rest, or if there is a higher priority conflict.  Eric and I even make a point to do networking events together so that we can get time together and build both of our businesses.  It’s a win-win!

11:30am-12:30pm: I’m hungry again.  It’s almost a guarantee that I never make it to 12pm with my hunger pains!  What can I say, I’m an “eater.”

12:30-3:30pm: Today, I’m putting together a Social Media marketing plan for a small business.  A lot of my small businesses can’t afford to hire a social media person to do their social media for them, so I create all of their accounts, integrate them with a social media dashboard, and put together a posting schedule for their accounts.  This helps them better understand how they can actually do social media without it taking too much time, while also slowly building an online presence for very little cost.  It’s pretty fun to see the excitement and eagerness to learn!

3:30-5pm: Clerical work.  I don’t have an assistant.  I have two consultants who work for me, but both of them are out in the field 24/7, and I only have them do occasional office work.  That said, I do it all.  Mailings, filing, billing, social media, blogging, photo editing, client correspondence, etc.  It’s actually a lot of work and quite time consuming.  I don’t mind it, but it’s hard to stay on top of if I’m out in the field too.  So, I try my best to set the time aside to “make the magic happen.”  I simply call it magic because these are the important tasks that happen behind the scenes and makes the business run, but no one sees it.


5-5:30pm: Check emails and social media before checking out for the day to ensure that everything was tackled!  Then, I review my schedule for the next day and create my to-do list.

And that’s all folks!  Like I said, it’s different every day, but that synopsis certainly captures the variety of tasks that I tackle as a business owner, consultant, and blogger.  Every day, I am challenge myself a little more- from new marketing ideas to classes on photo editing, business planning, and more.  It’s a challenge, but it’s the most rewarding one I could ever dream up!  In case you didn’t catch my post about how I started my business, this is a good place to start!



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