Crash Me, Please… Casting Call for DIY Network’s Crashers Series

Hey guys, I know I’m beating a dead horse by telling you that we LOVED our experience on DIY Network’s House Crashers after being picked out of our local Lowe’s store… BUT (and this is a huge but)… HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!!!!!


DIY Network is hosting a casting call where you can submit video entries about why YOU should be crashed!!!

How amazing is that!!!!!!  Here’s what their website says:

“Would you like a Crashers team to come to your local home-improvement store? Upload your photos or videos and tell us why we should come to your town. You never know, you might just get crashed.”

So, what are you waiting for… this is a chance of a lifetime!  Head on over to DIY Network and enter your video!!!!!




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  1. I’m too much of a control freak to let them come to my house! They did nice work at yours though…

    • You are too funny Michelle! Ya, it’s a bit hard having no idea what they’re doing until it happens, but we just figured that no matter what, it was going to be better than what we had. Then, in the end, we ended up with two amazing rooms! We were very lucky and all the hard construction work was done very professionally with great attention to detail. The nice thing is that after they leave, you begin to shape the room more to your individual personalities. It’s a transformation process for sure!

  2. You guys look sooo cute!

    We’ve got House Crasher starting on cable here in Australia so I am going to watch it so I can see you guys :-)

  3. I wanna do it!!!! They can redo my husband’s er, I mean guest room! Now all I have to do is get video taping!

  4. JImmy Prince, Pittsburgh, Pa says:

    Hi Josh and company. My wife Nancy and me always watch your program, getting great ideas, for our Old home built in the 60’s., here in Pittsburgh,Pa. I always see you and your crews working on Young peoples Homes, well, what about us Old People? We have a lot of ideas and work that we need help to do, before we get too older to enjoy Stuff. Won’t you consider coming to Pittsburgh, not Philly, this spring or whenever! We’ll cook yinz a Good Hunky meal too! Sincerely, Old man Prince & Princess

  5. Frances Skyler says:

    I was laid off from my job after 8 years and am a single mom with two children and on top of that I was diagnosed with Colon cancer stage 4. I have been struggling to keep our house up and have been too sick to do any thing. I live in Marco Island, Florida and have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home about 1347 sq. ft. I have a nice open back yard with a lot of space also. I do have a 1 car garage which seems to have also become a place we put everything there is no room for. I really need help in our living area and the right organization from a professional who knows how to arrange things. We could use some help and was hoping you could direct me on where to go to get some help? I would so, so, so appreciate any help! Thank you, Frances Skyler

    • Hi Frances! Sounds like you could really use a crash! If you want more info or to apply for the show, you should be certain to follow the links, as leaving a comment here is not a submission. :) Good luck!

  6. Rob Faucheux says:

    Hey guys! I know that there are literally thousands of people that need or want a crash. I have what I think is a unique proposal. I am a pediatrician in a small town in Louisiana. My ” room” is actually our waiting room. The office my group is in is old, no really old! Think dark wood trim around windows, old paint etc. If you’re not sick when you get to our office, you become Ill after sitting in that room for a while!! Our overhead is high because that is the nature of pediatric medicine. As a result, we don’t have much capital for such improvements. We really could use your help! I know the kids would be appreciative as well. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  7. Andy Townsend says:

    Hello, my name is Andy Townsend. I am very interested in being crashed, but I need to know all of the information that is needed to be crashed. I would greatly appreciate any help from you guys. My wife and I love watching the DIY shows, especially Mike Holmes on Homes. Thanks!

    Andy Townsend

  8. Martha Trammell says:

    I want my backyard to be fabulous , my husband is not veer handy, all he do is clutter with plants , it really need a deck…. Please help!

  9. Cheryl Clark says:

    I watch your crashes religiously. My husband keeps telling me.. We can’t do it in 3 days. Ha. I need you.. We have a beautiful home sitting on 16 acres. Need a yard crash as well. Every weekend I have 6 big guys(football players) crash my house, and I’m not talking the kind of crash you guys do. It’s spacious with plenty of rooms to be crashed but not by 6 teenagers..Save the den mother’s sanity! Come to NC

  10. Jodi Elrod says:

    Last year, my house took a direct hit from the 5.9 Louisa earthquake. I only live ten minutes from the epicenter. All for corners of the house cracked, foundation was a fortune to repair, and my bathroom is cracked all the way around. But my biggest concern is my kitchen. I lost a lot of belongings. My cabinets are coming apart at their prefabricated corners, the cheap vynal floor is buckling, and has no sense of anything to it. It’s it a kitchen, is it a dining room….I don’t know. Please help me Obi Wan Kenobi….your my only hope!

  11. Angie & Mario Hernandez says:

    We are in the process of finishing our basement. I come from a family of handy Andy’s and my spouse is trying very hard to impress me or as he says “turn me on” cause he know that I like a man with a tool belt on. Anyway we have a walkout basement and once its finish we would enjoy a beautiful back yard crash. We built our home 10 years ago and still don’t know what to do with our back yard. It would be great to see something beautiful back there from our newly finish basement. Windows and a wonderful surprise for my man. Pleaseeeeeeeee come and crash my yard. Sincerely Angie P.S. Always watching big big big fa

  12. Frederick Haiss says:

    Help Josh anyone lol I bought a home in Michigan The kitchen is almost impossible to imagine no room for anything and I have a small barn I wanted to make a man cave out of , the problem is Diane my fiance is a great cook and our finances are tight as well I have to limit myself to the sun . Not a hardship case I have tools I will find them and hunt the wood down and fix it . Bring your Binford , Kobalt or Dewalt we will feed you well. The barn will be the coolest Man Cave The Kitchen ouch do we need help with that :) Tim the Tool Man Taylor we need more power………..Fred

  13. Lucretia Charles says:

    I am sorry I am not too computer savvy but I relly wanted to find out if only couples who live in big houses with big yards and bathroom get crashed.I am a single mom who lives in Germantown, Maryland a suburb of Washington DC and my family and I watch HGTV every moment we can,we have a four bedroom town house and has done a lot of work ourselves but we never seem to find you guys in our neighbourhood.All we see is the rich getting richer and the poor never getting a break.Do you crashers ever crash poor people without a huge yard and lots of money.

  14. Christy Rhodes says:

    Josh I would love you too come and crash my living room. I have gray walls gray carpets and the beam on my ceiling looks like its ready to fall it has to be the ugliest living area in the state of alabama and in need of a makeover.

  15. We need a HOUSE CRASH. We recently moved from Michigan to California for my husbands job. I have not found a job yet and we don’t that many people here. The house we purchased has had one thing after another break down so all of our update money has gone to fixing plumbing (broken sewer line in 6 places), sprinklers, cutting tree away from the house, pool pump and filter replaced, and more plumbing issues. Seems like we bought a house like the one in the movie Money Pit. Kitchen needs an overhaul and reconfigured (willing to have it built out into the backyard for more kitchen space) cabinet doors do not match moldings or boxes, master bath needs to be reconfigured, master bedroom and closet also needs to be reconfigured, Linen area cabinets are original and need to be replaced (many many coats of paint), banister has many coats of pealing paint, wind blows the blinds around when the windows are closed, outdated lighting and molding that covers wall registers, Laundry room needs help with a place to hang wet clothes, dinning room has an arch opening that is so low you hit your head on it (my husband is 6ft. 3in.and I am 5ft. 4in and I hit it), plus many other areas that need an experts touch including the electrical/lights that flicker when the heat or air conditioner kicks on. We know that you could do amazing things with our home and yard. Please, please consider our house for a crash. I know that we would have a blast and learn a lot with the “Crash Crew’. Thank you all for your consideration.

  16. Karen M. Lund says:

    I submitted pictures but would like to know whether or not they were submitted correctly. My yard has a lot of potential but is just too far gone for me and my husband. It’s to the point of my just not being able to keep up with the growth. I love the flavor of blackberries, but the overgrowth of plants are killers!! HELP!!!

  17. Alisa Peters says:

    We are in need of your help. Our yard is called the bearin waste land. We have no ideas what to do! Our back yard is all sun all day and too hot to set on the porch ever with the umbrella it is hot. Ever in the front yard is empty!!! Please help us,!!! Chuckey,TN

  18. Reggie & Sharon Young says:

    Sharon and I would greatly appreciate you crashing our back yard here in Glendora, California. Its about 2200 SQ. FT. and totally landscaped with small rocks everywhere, no trees, a few plants,and a very plan boring patio as we despartely need a quick change. We have very strong family values to where we are alway celebrating just being together, BBQ’s, birthdays, gathering of friends, or relaxing. However our back yard doesn’t gives us no reason or the enjoyment as a family gathering.
    We would like to make a change right now, today, tomorrow, next week. Please help us make our family even more special.

  19. Robert Jack says:

    I have watched your shows a lot, and Love them! I have so much work to do inside and out cannot keep up with it! You guys do such a wonderful job, and quick! I wish you could crash my Home & outside in Clarkson Kentucky area! As we are trying to do it all!

  20. Sue Schenzle says:

    My yard is in need of help my husband
    thinks if it green it’s grass ! We rescued a dog that
    has more energy than a track star ,and after 3years it’s still half done!!!! if you come to drexel hill pa I would love to have you see my yard ……thanks sue Schenzle and Lily the dog that loves to run……

  21. Clarissa Colon says:

    I would love for my no kitchen area to get crashed, it’s been empty for the past few yrs and with a baby popping up every year it made it hard for us to finish. I’m so tired of looking at the frame wondering when it’s going to be finished and how to design it.

  22. Bonnie Clennon says:

    Needing yard crashers to come to Urbana Illinois real bad…..we have attempted many times to imprive iur back yard but still looks like it just doesnt belong…we desperately need yard crashers…..

  23. Marsha Stailey says:

    I live in a small house and my husband is not a fixer upper person. I hate when people come to visit me and we have to pull out air mattresses or pillows to sit in in the livingroom because ther just isn’t room. Please come to my home town with a catching name Bogue Chitto, MS. I would just love it!

  24. Alvinice Wesley-muhammad says:

    I am a disabled vet and just completed a land/home purchase of an acre of land, to include my brothers single wide mobile home who is also a disabled vet. The yard is dirt from the removal of pine and bamboo trees. I need help to in tall a deck and landscaping. Will you come to Jacksonville, NC and complete a yard crash?

  25. Jill Kee says:

    I’ve been very patient for 12 yrs living here. My husband and I have huge ideas but haven’t started any of them for the backyard. Recently with all this rain, our neighbor’s yard has had a mud slide twice that ended up in our pool. No fun so far this summer, with the kids being stuck in the house. If you come to SC give us a chance to be on your show Yardcrashers, you won’t be sorry.

  26. Sammy Gonzales says:

    Hello, my name is Sammy Gonzales. My wife loves your shows she’s enjoys all the creatives ideas she gets from watching the shows. She puts to practice all the cool ideas she sees. She loves working in the house and around the yard. She’s had a. rough 4 year’s. Shes had a brain. Tumor and is fighting breast cancer. Her sickness keep her from doing what she’s loves to do work on the yard and changing our house around. She’s always helping others, cooking, feeding and helping people in our community. I pray you guys could surprise her with a house crash. Thank you!

  27. yvette llanos says:

    We recently purchased our first home ….it is a project home and with a little baby and lack of funds it will be a while before we get it going …we just laid flooring on the downstairs and have been researching on how it could be possible to get on a bath ,kitchen,or yard crasher show which are the spaces would like to get done sometime in the near future.

  28. Michele DiPasquale says:

    Please help me. I am a single 44 year old woman. I have owned my home for about 17 years. My back yard is a mess. I have a jungle growing back there and can’t get rid of it. I can’t put mulch around the two trees because the roots are high out of the ground. I have three weird bushes that I can’t remove because my neighbor put his privacy fence in wrong and if I remove them there will be no privacy. I share a back yard with about 5 other backyards all meeting together. I have no privacy. I have a screened in porch but I have to come outside before I can go into it because of tje way the previous owners built the house. I am so overwhelmed that most times I want to cry. My yard needs proffessional help. From Pittsburgh PA 412-398-6913 Michele D.

  29. Pat Garrett says:

    My husband and I have been married for over 50 years……we are now retired in Stuart Florida and have a cookie cutter kitchen and would love to,have a makeover or an outdoor kitchen for him….he has worked hard all his life and deserves the best

  30. My husband & I purchased a beach shack 4-5years ago which was a buy as is,we actually had to put money into it to get the co.It had no heat, orange walls,carpet that was down for 50 years and a kitchen that was right from the The Honeymooners.We put in a new kitchen had heat added and did most of the work ourselves.In Oct of 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the Belmar, NJ beach bad and our little beach shack was flooded even though we were 2 blocks away. We couldn’t get to our house for almost a week cause of the water level we had to tear out all the 1st floor walls and floors, throw away appliances,furniture,rugs,kitchen cabinets, it’s almost 1 year later and we are still repairing it ourselves since we do not have the money to hire outside contractors. My husband goes after working 8-5 a few days a week and has dealt with mold, lament for crawl space, and is putting in josts and I am pulling out 15 beautiful shrubs we put into the landscaping but we could really use a whole house crash to save us from this nightmare.We are not wealthy people we bought the home when our son was attending college nearby and we rented out during the summer, but femma says we don’t qualify for help being 2nd homeowners. I can’t think of a better crash then this house since we need help and a kitchen, bathroom, livingroom, and landscaping since even the trees are dead.

  31. Charlie Womack says:

    I have been a fan of the crashers shows and the work they accomplish in a short period of time. I always wanted to do the kitchen crashers show, but with my job (safety eng.) would never let me even think about writing. Well I see Amy Matthew (MY FAV) has a new show. That would be sooo great, to take my woman out and come home to a new Kitchen\Dinning room combo. We have new appliances. What I need is the super crew. getting her out is no problem. rn The house was built in the 70’s the kitchen is small, I’m 6’3″, and like to cook when I’m home. There is No counter space for any prep work. We bought a double oven, microwave/convection oven, and no room to use them. I would like to tell you more, but you have Hurd it all I’m sure. I would love to be a participant on her show. The only thing is we’re in Omaha, Nebraska. Please respond

  32. Diane demo the says:

    Help help my enclosed screen room and had to be taken down due to a violation after its been there for 23years. My above ground pool is in the middle of a big yard and its surrounded by an empty mess. Please help design and build back the nice backyard that I had. Please come and crash our yard in Staten Island ny. Really need help thank you.

  33. We have a home built in the early 70’s in the LA area. My wife and I are returning from living 17 years oversea (Asia) and only have this home to return to, but the house is tired and outdated in many ways. The Kitchen is needs a make over and a kick-out, interior walls are creating unwanted boundaries and the view of downtown seems to be only visible from the outside? Bathrooms are dated and feel cramped. We need some really help in turning this house into a home! Love your show and creativity and vision that you bring to your projects. Please consider our home need opportunity. Thank you in advance for consideration. Regards, Mr. Bill

  34. Judy Rundquist says:

    I am looking for help for my mother. She lives in the house my dad built for her about forty years ago in rural Fithian Il. She refuses to leave the house but it need work to keep it efficient. Mom will be 75 in May, we finally convinced her to retire when she turned 71. Four months after she retired she came down with Gillian barre disease. She spent the next year learning how to walk again. In May of 2013 she had back surgery that required ten screws in her spine. She can still get around but it limited. She can not afford to fix the house like it needs. If she could have a new kitchen that helps with her limitations she would be in seventh heaven ! She still loves to cook and bake this is what keeps her going. She has worked hard all her life and never had any luxuries. She has plenty of family that is willing to help

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