CRASH Alert!!!!!! (HOUSE CRASHERS- DIY Network)

So, being new homeowners and all, let’s just say that we’re known to frequent our local home improvement stores: Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ikea, and Target (and yes, I do consider all of those “home improvement” stores!).

One amazing, magical summer day… (cue fairytale music… LOL… that’s how it felt), we were at Lowe’s by our house to get some pool chemicals, and as usual, we decided to peruse the aisles of the store to get ideas for our various projects.  Now, here come’s the magical moment… we moved from the curtain aisle to the lighting aisle… and then what do we see… A CAMERA CREW bum-rush us, with you-know-who in tow… JOSH TEMPLE!!!!!!!!

For those of you who don’t know me… my family jokingly lovingly calls me DIY Network’s biggest fan!  Let’s just say that it was only 10am when we were ambushed, and we had already watched an episode of House Crashers that morning!!!  Anyways, it was all just a whirlwind from there.  The House Crashers crew came and checked out our house that day… and the next day, it was ON!!!  If you’ve watched the show, you know that it is very fast paced.  BUT, what you don’t know, or what is very difficult to convey, is that the homeowners and “the crew” are going that fast paced for three days straight!  And, when I say crew, don’t think that there are a bunch of mystery contractors behind the scenes doing everything- everyone works their tails off!  The crew is made up of a team of some of the most amazing, fun, versatile (no one does just one job), hard-working, and innovative people I have ever met in my life-  this includes the host- Josh Temple, a lead contractor (Doug Tolson, in this instance), several assistant contractors, and all of the production people (directors, assistants, camera men, audio guys, etc.).

It’s INSANE and a total blast!!!  (PS- I know I’m using a lot of exclamation points, but that is still how excited I am about the whole process and transformation.) In case you didn’t get to check out the Episode, it’s now online, here or you can view it on this page, here:

Ok, ok… I think that’s enough babbling for me… Here’s the action…

These are the BEFORE shots of the two rooms that they ultimately crashed- Dining Room and Living Room:

DISCLAIMER: these “before pictures” are after we had already patched all the holes in the walls and painted a nice crisp, clean color- but the room seriously still lacked style- aka, no real work other than clean-up had been done on them!  To see the rooms when we just purchased the house, see the Home Tour.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that we loved the open floor plan, but we had no idea what we wanted to do with these rooms yet, so they were not decorated at all, and more or less served as a dumping ground for all of our excess furniture (no cohesiveness at all).






These are the AFTER shots of the Dining Room and Living Room (HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!):

Check out the Beautiful new solid mahogany door from ETO Doors!  We were fully in love when that bad boy was unveiled!!!  And, to his left, you will notice the awesome Shoji Sliding Doors, which we constructed under the instruction of the House Crashers crew.  A lot of sweat and tears (no blood, that I recall) went into those amazing doors and we are so thrilled with both their function and style.  Also, please note the now raised dining room floor (used to be all one level- see above) and quarter wall to the right of the front door, making more of a formal entry.  And lastly, in case your eyes aren’t immediately drawn to the floor… the dining room was treated with solid mocha oak hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators, and the rest of the living space received a full resurfacing of the actual foundation of our home to create beautifully finished, marbled-looking, polished concrete floors!  Yup, that is concrete, and we love it so much!  Hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and nearly indestructible- that’s a good combination to me!


The raised floor was one of the largest and longest projects we did, but we absolutely can’t get over the impact that it made for the dining room.  Before, the dining room felt small, yet vast- an equation which does not equal “intimate,” like you’d want for a dining room.  It was just plain bad to say the least.  After, the 9-foot ceilings were reduced to 8-foot ceilings.  It really brought the space down to scale.  It now feels warm, welcoming, and open, but still cozy.

Raising a dining room floor is a project I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking to make a major impact in their home, but you would have to have tall ceilings to afford the loss in height.


As you can tell, accessories are minimal for staging and TV purposes.  We have added a ton-o-decor since the show filmed, so I will write a Living Room and Dining Room update so y’all can see the changes!



And, without further ado, the chairs that hang from the ceiling and the 12-foot wide, floor-to-ceiling waterfall by local metal artist Terrence Martin of Jagged Edge Metal Art.


… And here’s a closer look at the “bird cage” chairs…


This picture highlights two of my favorite features, that may or may not be hard to tell… the fireplace and the stone wall!

  1. The Eco-Smart Fireplace burns ethanol alcohol and is absolutely amazing!  The great thing about this fireplace is that it is zero emissions and does not require any kind of flu or chimney… this means NO cutting holes in walls, ceilings, or roofs.  And most importantly, for those who live in emission-restricted locales like us, this is a PERFECT SOLUTION.  And believe me… this fire gets crankin’ and puts out tons of heat!!!
  2. The stone wall is a very unique product that is made up of ground down aggregate (rock), which is about the consistency of sand.  The mixture is the troweled onto the wall, similar to venetian plaster… this was quite a challenge!  While it was fun to try, I highly recommend a pro (or lots of practice) for this one!  Constant teaching moments were essential for this!


So, this CONCLUDES our tour of the living room and the dining room.  They both endured an amazing, whirlwind of a makeover from House Crashers- and they never looked back.  :)  We seriously feel so blessed to have been part of the process, and just flat out lucky to have been plucked out of the home improvement store.  It is still a dream come true!  (I pinch myself occasionally to make sure that it’s all real!!!)

PS- Anyone looking for a how-to tutorial for any of the projects from our crash, please let me know and I am happy to put one together!!! :)

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GOT ON THE SHOW! I AM SO JEALOUS WHICH IS WHY I AM INTERNET YELLING LOL! Ok seriously though, congrats, it looks awesome!!!

  2. Thanks Rachael! Like I said, we just felt sooooo blessed. And the group we worked with was so wonderful. We have totally stayed in touch with a few of them including the contractor and the metal artist (and, of course, the glass artist too- that’s my father-in-law’s masterpiece! :))

  3. OMG!! I want to hate you! I just called my husband screaming like I had won! SEND THEM TO FRESNO!!!!!!

  4. Hi…just wanted to find out where the dining room light is from….I have been looking all over for something like that.

  5. I just finished watching your episode and had seen it before. I immediately went online to try to find the Titan aggregate, but maybe I’d have to contact them and request “ground down” aggregate to get a price. I would love to know where to purchase the ground down aggregate from…what is the specific color used in your home and how would I apply it. I absolutely love that, the sliding doors you made and your front door (don’t think you guys made that one?)

  6. This is insane. How exciting. I’m in love with that door. I sent a picture of it to my husband. Why are you changing the color?

  7. OMG how cool….I’m always looking over my shoulder anytime im in a home improvement store….secretly hoping to be picked, lol.

    • you never know! It could totally happen!

      • jane Haught says:

        I love everything you guys do, such great work, and if you spill paint on my new floor, I will forgive you. lol
        My husband and I started to remodel our house about 2 1/2 years ago, with me working out of town it ‘s so hard to get things done. we have a shell of a house, I truly mean a shell, we gutted the whole thing, it is an older home (maybe 1920′) no walls.
        if you ever come to Globe Arizona, I would be so excited to run into you guys at the Lowe’s Home Depot, Ikea. if you see the house you would say, thoes people need help. lol smaller than 1000sq ft

        • aww, that’s very sweet Jane! Please note that I am not “part” of House Crashers or DIY Network. I simply shared their casting call info and our experience when our house got “crashed.” Make sure to check out DIY network for more!

  8. I think I may die of jealousy! You’ve been crashed! That’s unreal. The space looks fantastic, you sure are one lucky gal!

  9. Was wondering on these shows if everything really holds up with all the glue they use and sometimes the camera shots of the walls show a really bad paint job. Any problems with your update?

  10. Ronene Muhs says:

    I love house crashers to. But I live in Iowa in a little town I don’t think he will come to Iowa. Because nobody know where Iowa is.And because I ‘am disable I can’t do alot and I like to do my kitchen it a 1970 townhouse.

    • Ronene Muhs says:

      I love house crasher to. But I live in Iowa in a little town. I don’t think he will come to Iowa because alot people don’t know where Iowa is. I like to do something with my kitchen but I can’t do alot because I’am disable and my townhouse is a 1970 .


    oh I love the show . Gives me ideas that i can never do, to my kitchen and house. i cant fine a room . the whole house needs help. but i would love a new kitchen and livingroom spaced togetther. we are a big family. on weekends there is at least 8 more poeple at my house . they come home to grandma. let me know when you can come to the nearest Lowes or Home depot. So i can be there. I need help. i live in Dos Palos 30 miles from Merced, Ca. and 12 miles from Los Banos, Ca. Home Depot. please come i really need your help.

    • Hi Gracie! Thanks for commenting on my blog- I do not work with DIY Network, but was lucky enough to get crashed ourselves. The best way to inquire about the process and ability to get selected is to go to DIY Network’s website! Best of luck!

  12. Paula Guzman says:

    So happy you got the change, it looks beautiful. I bet it was an experience you’ll never forget.

    My husband and I are both Vietnam Vets. I got out of the AF in 1977 and my husband in 1978. Then we went to college on our GI bill and joined the DOD to serve the Army’s soldiers and dependents. My husband taught High School and I worked for Public Affairs as a photographer.
    We retired in 2009, settled in San Antonio, TX. We purchased a Spec. home because we needed a place for all our furnishings that was sent from Germany. After getting settled we realized we jumped too quick. The beautiful house is a two story and NOW we realize the stairs are going to get hard to manage in a few years. Medical issues are going to mount. Can you tell me how I can get home crashers to assist us?

    • Hi Paula, I wish I had more info on how to get House Crashers to help you, but the best bet is to go to DIY Network’s website and do a search. They were doing a casting call, but I’m not sure if it’s still open for new entries. Wish I could be more help, but best of luck!!! Sounds like you guys are an amazing and deserving couple!

  13. I just watched your episode… I’m pretty sure we watched this on tv!!!! How awesome!!!!! I love those doors….. wish I could incorporate those into our home some where…

    • That is too funny!!! We absolutely LOVE the doors! They are actually quite functional when we want them to be, and simply gorgeous otherwise. :) I’m sure you can find somewhere for a sliding door, right?! ;)

  14. house crashers please please come to bonney lake please i’m beging you please and go to lowes please :,(

  15. cassandra says:

    dear sir. we need you to come to manteca ca. we need help with our old house please come help thank you cassandra

  16. I live in a ranch in Tehachapi Ca 105 miles from san fernando valley ,we have a remodel barn but needs a change and inprovement is one bed, living room 1 1/2 bath and kitchen no proper heating system kitchen need cabinets, stove and a proper sink. This area have 4 seasons and in winter is very cold and snow too. Josh hope you come to this area we need you, and downstare we have a garage that we want to make a wine testing room hope you want to do a project like this one and come to this area.
    Love your show
    Love your show

  17. I want to be on house crashers. I am so jealous!

  18. kenneth yoder says:

    would love to meetwith kitchen crashers my wife really needs a better kitchen it is old fashioned right now would make her so happy

  19. Andres Corona says:

    I would love for you guys and gals to come to my house in Arizona and just redo my kitchen and baths.. the backyard can use some as well but its close to my retirement and well its going to cost me a penny, so just consider this soon to be vet of twenty six years plus,lol…


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