Valentines Day Pinterest Round-Up

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Hi Friends!  Here at DBL, we LOVE love!  That might even be an understatement!  While we don't believe that love should only be shared on Valentine's Day, we do believe that "Love Day" serves as a good reminder of our need to show love to those we love.  And, beyond that, it generally forces us to get creative, go outside the box, and show love in ways that we don't normally- whether it's crafting, cooking, gifting, or anything else! So, to celebrate all the LOVE in the air, one of my … [Read more...]

Top Cord Clutter Solutions (Day 7: 30 Days to an Organized Home)


  Since I know there are about a million different ways to corral cord clutter these days, and I only shared one way yesterday, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite cord clutter solutions. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration.  But, luckily, I also have some favorite go-to resources for organization inspiration, including IHeart Organizing and Organizing Made Fun.  These two bloggers are amazing and have endless ideas for organization!  LOVE them! … [Read more...]

Pinspired: Recycled Wood Wall Art


It’s not shocker that wall art is expensive.  For many of us first-time homeowners, wall art is simply out of reach.  When we bought our home about two and half years ago, the only wall art we owned were regular picture frames and a few mirrors.  Since that time, we’ve slowly been finding creative ways to add wall art to our home without breaking the bank.  Up to this point, we’ve mostly found deals on wall hangings at discount stores like Marshalls and Home Goods, but we’ve … [Read more...]

Reader Redesign: Dancing Commas Herringbone Wall


One of the greatest joys I’ve gotten from blogging is the ability to be constantly inspired.  But, an even greater joy is found when I know that I’ve inspired others.  This is the case with Jana at Dancing Commas.  You see, my Laundry Room Overhaul and Herringbone Wall Treatment were a labor of love, and apparently left such a lasting impression on Jana, that she decided to tackle the project herself!  You go girl!!! So, in honor of the big Pinterest Challenge happening right now, Jane … [Read more...]

Ikea Latt Children’s Activity Table Hack


I was recently asked to donate to a local children’s charity which includes a ball and an action.  Fun stuff, right!  So, of course, I went ahead with a donation.  Keeping in mind that this is a children’s charity and there would be lots of parents and grandparents attending, I wanted to create something that would be both attractive and functional.  My decision… the Ikea Latt Children’s Activity Table. I ran over to my local Ikea and picked one up, but the look left much to be desired… and … [Read more...]

Design Inspiration: Linen Closet


As you know, I’ve been on a bit of a reorganizing/reworking rampage lately, and our hall linen closet just might be the next victim.  I’ve rethought our use of five different spaces to ultimately decide what this closet should hold, and I’ve scoured the web to make sure I’ve fully thought out my plan. I’ve found linen closet inspiration abundant, but few that really fit what I’m looking for.  Of all the amazing inspiration out there, these seem to best fit the bill… {source} {source} … [Read more...]

How to Make Awesome Labels Without a Silhouette

I've been stung by the organization and labeling bee and I just can't get enough!  While browsing for inspiration, I've come across some amazing labels and almost every time, they've been created with a handy little machine called a Silhouette!  Most of you probably know what one of these is, but in case you don't, the machine is basically a versatile tool that you can use to create tons of different crafty projects.  Now, in terms of organization, it's particularly useful to … [Read more...]

Pinterest Partayy: Entire Room Makeover!!!

Well, today's the day! Just a short two weeks from when Jami at What the Graham called a few of us blogging ladies together, it's time to reveal your projects! In the announcement, we said that we weren't sure what project we'd be doing, but after a bit of thought, Eric and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to make over an entire room! We just figured... go big or go home!!! After deciding to do an entire room, we settled on our laundry room. Our laundry room is one of … [Read more...]

Pinterest Challenge: Love Note Bunting

When the Pinterest Challenge was issued, there were several projects I thought about attacking, but the one closest to my heart, literally, was Eric and my collection of love notes!  We may be sentimental saps, but it works for us!  Bear with me though... I promise not to get to cheesy on you! For a while now, I've been brainstorming ways to display our love notes in out master bedroom so that they are both attractive and easy to change out or add to.  This challenge forced me to think … [Read more...]

Cool Things: Rubberbands Make Everything Easier!

Did you know that rubberbands can make both painting and sewing easier?  Me neither!  I found some super amazing ideas while perusing Pinterest: 1- You can use a rubberband to wipe excess painting, by placing the rubberband over the paint can like so... {source} 2- You can use multiple rubberbands as guides for seams by placing them strategically on your sewing machine like so... {source} Pretty amazing, right?!?!?  Hope you guys can put these to use too!  I know I'll definitely be using … [Read more...]