Valentines Dessert on a Budget

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Let's be honest here... How much do you spend on Valentine's Day?  Fifteen bucks for chocolates?  Fifty for flowers?  A million dollars on dinner?  Ok, maybe more like $100 but sometimes it does feel like a million.  But you don't have to break your budget to keep from breaking your babe's heart. I'm a firm believer that intentional gifts are always the best!  There is nothing better than knowing that your significant other put their mind and heart into making something special just for you.  … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Pinterest Round-Up

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Hi Friends!  Here at DBL, we LOVE love!  That might even be an understatement!  While we don't believe that love should only be shared on Valentine's Day, we do believe that "Love Day" serves as a good reminder of our need to show love to those we love.  And, beyond that, it generally forces us to get creative, go outside the box, and show love in ways that we don't normally- whether it's crafting, cooking, gifting, or anything else! So, to celebrate all the LOVE in the air, one of my … [Read more...]

One Pan Pasta = Scumptious!

One Pan Pasta (>15 minutes)

In 2014, I've resolved to cook a bit more.  Truth be told, while both Eric and I love to cook, he is definitely more of the cook in the family.  With a baby on the way and life absolutely insanely busy all of the time, I'm trying really hard to contribute more to dinner-time cooking!  I'm pretty darn good at meal planning, it's just the cooking part that was lacking. So, when my awesome blogging friend Michelle, from Decor & the Dog, posted a yummy picture of pasta ingredients all in one … [Read more...]

Organize Fruit with a Plant Stand


To fuel our healthy living, we've been buying tons and tons of fruit.  The reality is that when you buy lots of fruit, a regular ol' fruit bowl just won't suffice- no one wants to have to take out all of the bananas and apples to get to the cuties at the bottom of the bowl.  Ridiculous, right?  On top of that, our fruit bowl was simply not our style.  It is fine for an occasional serving dish, but it lacked the beauty required to be a real "display" piece in our kitchen. Now, in truth, … [Read more...]

Rockin’ the Evil Turkey

Hopefully it's not truly evil, but this Thanksgiving, we're cooking up the "Evil Turkey" Recipe!  We love food loaded with flavor and spice, so hopefully this will rock our socks! Ingredients: 1 onion, chopped 1 (12 ounce) jar roasted red peppers, drained and chopped 1 cup whiskey 1/2 cup minced garlic 1 (22 pound) whole turkey, neck and giblets removed 1 (7 ounce) can chipotle chilies in adobo sauce roasting bag for a large turkey Directions: Preheat an oven to 325 … [Read more...]

My Awesome Wine & Beer Tasting Birthday Party

As mentioned in yesterday's post, my birthday didn't just consist of a weekend getaway; Eric and my mom spearheaded a proper party celebration with some help from my friend Rachel.  Now, this wasn't a surprise party by any means, but this was my first birthday celebration in my adult life that I didn't have a hand in planning!  For this control-freak/former event-planner... this was foreign territory!  In the end, it was almost like a surprise party! Eric took the lead to get the ball … [Read more...]

When the Boys are Away, the Girls Will Play!

YUP, it's true!  And Eric totally knows it too! :D  I LOVE my girl-time!  I seriously have been blessed with some of the most amazing girlfriends in the whole world too!  They are all very different and we've all done completely different things with our lives, but for some reason, we just work!  Maybe it's the variety that keeps it interesting?!?!?  I'll just go with that! Anyways, remember way back HERE, when I said that Eric ran off to the cabin with the boys, WELL... that cued my girls … [Read more...]

Eric Turned 30! It was a GIANT Weekend!

Yup, that might be a terrible play on words, but it truly was a GIANT birthday, like a full-on two-day celebration!  Yup, I love the hubby, what can I say!  The basics of the weekend: Saturday- SF Giants game with a small group of eleven Sunday- Birthday BBQ and swim party at the house for our family and a few close friends Now, as a bullet list, that doesn't look like much, but when you look back at our to-do list and what we actually accomplished... it was a lot!  BUT, how can you … [Read more...]

101 Ways to Use a Meyer Lemon

So y'all know we've been landscaping hard-core this spring/summer as shown here and here.  And I know you guys know that we put a lot of thought into our plant/tree selections as seen here.  BUT, what you didn't know... is that one tree selection was going to be a total give-in!  YUP, we didn't intend to, but we found a tree after our own hearts, that just happened to be named after us!!! When we set out on our plant shopping adventure, we knew that we wanted some kind of citrus tree, but we … [Read more...]