5 Unique Ways to Spring Clean with Vinegar


Over the last few years, we’ve ditched a lot of chemicals in our home in exchange for more natural, healthy alternatives. Vinegar is now one of our favorite products that we always have on hand. For cleaning, there are several different types of vinegar you can use depending on the task you’re completing, but for the following tasks, I like to use distilled white vinegar. Distilled White Vinegar is seriously like a miracle worker in our home. We use it for everything, and today, I thought … [Read more...]

20 Terrific Closet Organization Tips {HomeTalk Curated Collection}

Zero Budget Linen Closet Organization and Makeover

Closets are beautiful.  Closets house our favorite things.  Most girls dream of that fantasy closet filled to the brim with beautiful clothing, all organized in the most beautiful way.  For most of us though... closets can be a challenge!  And, more often than not, we've got tons of stuff, stuffed into a too-small space. After more than a few closet makeovers in our home, nothing makes me happier than opening up a perfectly organized closet full of my favorite and most useful items! Well, … [Read more...]

Garage Organization the Right Way (Day 29: 30 Days to an Organized Home)


The garage is one area of the home that notorious for collecting lots of junk.  And, in collecting all of that junk, it becomes increasingly more disorganized.  With all of the DIY projects we do around this house, we’ve accumulated a ton of tools that all need to be stored.  And on top of the array of tools, we also have bikes, golf clubs, holiday décor, and more!  And, all of it has to be stored in the garage since we don’t have a basement, nor easy attic access. Garage organization can … [Read more...]

4 Favorite Bike Storage Solutions (Day 28: 30 Days to an Organized Home)


If you’ve been following along with our blog for a while now, you may have seen a post or two about us traveling and riding our road bikes.  We are huge lovers of activity, and biking is by far one of our favorites!  When I kicked off this series, I asked you all if there was something specific that you were hoping to read about.  And, one of my lovely readers, Wendy, commented that she was hoping to see some bicycle storage solutions!  Well, I’m not going to let her down, especially since I’ve … [Read more...]

One Cardinal Rule of Organizing (Day 23: 30 Days to an Organized Home)


With every organizing project I ever take on, there is one cardinal rule that seems to subconsciously sneak into the mix.  That one rule makes every organizing project successful.  In fact, that one rule is, in my mind, the foundation of organizing.  You see, to me, organizing shouldn’t just be a bunch of pretty little baskets and labels.  Organizing has to be functional!  And honestly, I think that function is more important than the beauty part, though as I’ve said in … [Read more...]

Organizing Paper: Scan, Shred, Store (Day 13: 30 Days to an Organized Home)


I’m a super minimalist at heart.  I hate clutter, I hate extra, and I hate storing.  I know that not everyone is like me, and I have to even dial myself back sometimes.  But, at the end of the day, no matter if you’re like me, or if you are a certified hoarder, there are a few tried and true principles for proper paper management. I call my system the 3 “S” Method!  Put simply… with paper organization, you either Scan, Shred, or Store it.  To elaborate a little further on how I handle my … [Read more...]

Control Your Cord Clutter (Day 6: 30 Days to an Organized Home)


Wires can really run amok in a house.  From computers to entertainment systems, and TV’s to household appliances, exposed wires can make even the most organized space look messy!  In the process of building my sister-in-law’s desk, I knew that I wanted to hide wires as much as possible.  In fact, I wanted to not only hide them, but I also wanted them to be easily accessible.  A simple solution for that… Cutting a Grommet Hole!  Cutting a grommet hole in the desk allowed for all of the … [Read more...]

6 Simple Steps to Start Organizing Now (Day 2: 30 Days to an Organized Home)


For some people, organizing comes naturally.  I’m one of those people, and because of that, I get questions all of the time about approaching different organizational problems. For those who are not natural organizers, organizing can be a daunting, overwhelming task.  I’m here to tell you that organizing does not need to be scary at all.  But, if organizing does not come naturally to you, you simply will not wake up one day and be organized.  Like any commitment in life, becoming … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY & Review: Fish Foam Window Cleaner


**~**THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED**~** A Tale of the Dirty Slider and Competitive Girl Fish Foam might be the most bad ass, no-holds-bar, take-no-prisoners window cleaner ever!  Seriously… it’s that vicious.  As much of a clean freak and gotta-keep-a-perfect-house type of person as I am, you literally cannot pay me to clean windows.  In the almost three years that we’ve owned our home, I’ve never actually cleaned our windows, other than the occasional “this window needs it bad.”  The two times … [Read more...]

My Love-Hate Relationship with Craigslist


As I mentioned the other day, we’ve began purging some things from our home in preparation for Eric’s sister moving in with us.  While there are many options for selling, I’ve chosen to use Craigslist for some of our larger items, like a bed, vanity, side table, and more.  Craigslist has been the perfect venue for these types of items in the past and having used it so much, it’s become an easy avenue for me.  Lately though… selling things has gotten weird. Honestly, I love the … [Read more...]