The Big Remodel: Kitchen & Family Room Video Before

Kitchen Before

Yup, as promised, here’s a very amateur video of our craziness that we’ve been living in since March.  Yes, you read that right… MARCH!  As we shared in “The Big List” post, we embarked on the journey of getting new floors in our home and ended up revealing a whole host of issues, including black mold in our kitchen.  So, new flooring resulted in a new kitchen, new baseboard, and new doors in the whole 2,300 sq.ft. house!

The only way you can live semi-normally with a house remodel is by setting up “temporary” and relatively functional spaces.  I quoted temporary because temporary usually doesn’t mean March through September!  Yikes!!!

To make our kitchen fully functional, we used a large utility sink, hooked up all of our appliances, and utilizing two folding tables for counterspace.  And, to be honest, we had more counterspace with this setup than we had with our previous kitchen.  So crazy to think!

While our kitchen was crazy town, our family room wasn’t too bad.  It functioned just as normal with only a bit less storage than before.  So, here it goes… no judging… our big BEFORE!!!

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