The Big Remodel: Dining Room Video Before

Following up the kitchen and family room before video. I have lots of plans for our dining room, but until the kitchen remodel is complete, it’s a total mess! As soon as the kitchen is done, we’ll be moving all of this excess stuff out and into proper places. It’s kind of scary looking at a house amidst remodeling and amazing how one space can affect the entire house! We’ve got garage items in the dining room because the garage has been holding our kitchen cabinets. We’ve got boxes of kitchen items in the dining room because, during the remodel, the only place to put things was in our pantry. Like I said… it’s a mess! But, this whole kitchen remodel has given me fresh eyes on our house as a whole and make me incredibly excited to not only use the new kitchen, but also to renew the other living spaces.

Yes, that IS a bike, and yest that IS my hubby’s hunting/cabin gear. Nutso…

What’s the craziest room in your house?

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