About Us


I’m Ashley and this is my hubby Eric!  We first met at a party at my parents’ house, there was an immediate connection, and as they say… it’s all history from there.  Two years later, we were married in the most unbelievably amazing ceremony.

I’m 28 and 5’2″.  I have a degree in American Studies and History.  I’m a lawyer, a small business owner (Ashley Meyer Consulting – Professional Organizing & Business Solutions), and I run this blog in my “spare” time.  My mom calls me “little miss sunshine,” and a lot of people refer to me as “Red.”  I’m a former gymnast/competitive runner and I still love to run.  I have an undying affinity for scrumptious food, but I try to control myself, otherwise I would be in some trouble! My friends and family tell me that I’m a fireball of energy or the energizer bunny, but I just like to call myself excitable and productive!

Eric & Ashley

Eric is 32 and 6’1″.  He grew up working his family’s orchards and hanging glass (glazing) in San Francisco with his dad.  He’s now an attorney with an undergraduate degree in English, but still maintains his super country-boy accent.  He’s the hardest worker I know and the best cuddler in the world (don’t tell him I told you)!  He loves fishing, hunting, Nascar, the occasional jack & coke, and spending time with me!  He’s my balance… where I could bounce of the walls for days, he’s the relax-er and regroup-er in this relationship.

We both L-O-V-E the great outdoors and love nothing more than unplugging from the modern world and running away to the mountains or the beach (good thing we live in Cali, right?!?!).  We’re HUGE San Francisco Giants fans, so don’t be surprised if you seem some orange hanging around this blog.  We love cycling, hiking, traveling, cooking, eating, wine tasting, time with friends and family, movies, music, and concerts.  Oh ya, and most importantly, we love working on our house together! :)  We truly believe that working on projects builds a stronger foundation in our marriage, because we learn how to discuss, compromise, and work together to achieve amazing results!


Nowadays, we’re pretty busy people and obviously first-time homeowners!  We’ve been in our home almost two years now, and while it’s absolutely wonderful and is taking shape, it wasn’t always this way.  As a short-sale, it came with some serious issues- mainly a lot of abuse and many many many holes in the walls and doors (we bought it for the bones and yard)!  So… we’re working our way through our home one room at a time, and trying to make the biggest impact we can in every space.

Luckily, my husband and I are full of determination and don’t mind a little elbow grease.  Since we both grew up with handy parents and were always taught to “never ask someone to do for you what you can do for yourself,” we’ve become very handy and resourceful, and love to “do-it-ourselves!”  And to top it all off, the DIY method is all good for us since we ALWAYS have BUDGET in mind (We live and die by budgets… and remember, budget does not = deprivation)!

We take pride in everything we do and hopefully our first home will be a reflection of that!!!  We’d LOVE to have you follow along our journey and learn how a little DIY can bring a whole lotta LOVE!