2014- It’s a New Year with Big Plans!

It’s safe to say that while I didn’t get to blog as much during 2013, it was certainly an amazing year off of the blog! 2013 was full of fun, love, and major life and business changes! As I shared before, after officially launching my organizing and efficiency consulting business, 2013 was definitely the year of tremendous opportunities. We gained tons of new clients, expanded our services, hired employees, and truly flourished. I’m 100% thankful for everything we were blessed with in regards to growing a business in a slow economy!

Eric & Ashley Meyer

Next up were the personal things… I graduated from law school, took the bar exam, and closed a big chapter of my life. While learning is never really done, I’ve officially put formal education behind me. This means no more nights away from the hubby, no more missed dinners, and no more missing out on major life events for family and friends! This truly is exciting… and I don’t think that written words can fully express the range of emotion I feel, and Eric too!

Then… there was probably the biggest highlight of 2013, we found out I was pregnant! Yup, we are expecting a little baby boy in later April/early May and we couldn’t be more thrilled! After 4.5 years of marriage and 4 years of law school, we decided the time was right, and so did He. At this point, I’m 6 months preggo and enjoying the thrills of our little boy dancing in my belly! Shoot… meeting our little guy in 2014 may put the highlights of 2013 to shame.

Eric & Ashley are Pregnant

All-in-all, 2013 was truly an amazing year. With everything that happened, and with spending less time on the blog, we were able to dedicate more energy to a few things that really mean a lot to us and to making plans for where our life goes, post-law-school and post-baby. It’s amazing.

So, you ask, what’s the plan for 2014? Well, there are a lot of plans! We’re not big believers in New Year’s Resolutions, but we are HUGE believers in setting goals for ourselves personally, professionally, and as a couple/family. And, even though we don’t think you should have resolutions just because a new year is starting, the start of a new year does provide the perfect opportunity to make SMART goals, reassess existing goals, and make any changes you deem fitting!

For 2014, we’ve set goals to:

  • Grow my consulting business even more (we’ll maintain the specific growth details ourselves).
  • Reset and refocus this blog.  You might have noticed a new blog design and new tagline.  While we’ll still be sharing our normal DIY projects, our blog’s focus will really be on sharing the things that make our home, life, and businesses simple, enjoyable, and fulfilling.  This will include everything from DIY building to organization to relationship tips to personal growth and entrepreneurship.  Our goal will be to inspire.  So hopefully, we will inspire you!
  • Get ready and make room for our little boy!  No explanation needed there.  We’ve got a nursery to design and build, loose ends to wrap up, and little adjustments to make all over the place.  If you have kids, feel free to offer advice!
  • Read one book per month each.  I’m not a reader of books.  It’s terrible.  I suppose that happens after you’re forced to spend countless hours a day reading legal cases, but that’s gone and it’s time to change!  We’ve laid out a plan and list of books and we’re tackling it full force!
  • Work through the Love Dare Day-by-Day book as a couple.  We’re pretty good at constantly working on our relationship, but with the major change of a little baby coming into the mix, we decided to take our relationship-building to the next level.  And, when Eric’s mom gave us the Love Dare as a gift for Christmas, we figured that was a pretty good sign to encourage this goal.  We read one entry a night together just before we go to sleep.  It’s simple, but it’s been amazing.
  • Walk 3-4 nights per week together.  We’re lucky enough to have an awesome 3-mile loop at our doorstep and have been running/walking it a couple nights a week for the last 6 months.  We love it.  The best part about it is that we get away from everything, relax, breathe, and suddenly, our walks become a time of seriously open communication for us.
  • Take more vacations.  We’ll admit it.  We’re terrible at taking vacations.  Neither of us likes to spend the money and a lot of times we get stumped trying to think of somewhere to go.  It’s terrible and I definitely welcome any recommendations in this department!  So, for 2014, we’ve settled on taking at least two weekend trips and two 4+ day vacations.  We’ve got to start somewhere, right?

I Can't Get Enough of You Baby


So, that’s it.  Plain and simple, 2013 was awesome, but 2014 is shaping up to be even awesome-r!  I’m curious though, what do you have planned for 2014?  Any amazing revelations, changes, inspiration you’d like to share?!?

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  1. I have a suggestion about vacations – come to Portland and you can stay with me!! Much less expensive than a hotel :)

  2. Oh, girl! I’m SO happy for you! I’ve been waiting for the day you would announce this since you blogged about that table and chairs you painted!!!! Love and prayers heading your way! Dona

  3. I looooove the goal about taking walks! I’m totally appropriating it for my own family. I’m finally feeling back to normal, and the weather should start improving again soon. We took so many walks over the summer when I was trying to “walk the baby out”, and just stopped after that. Time to get back into some quality family time!

  4. Congrats on the baby boy! Being a mom is the absolute best thing ever :) I do need to get back to walking, I was really good right after we had our little man (May 30) but have not been very active since I went back to work. I cannot wait to see the nursery!

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Looks like you are feeling and doing great, so keep it up! He’ll be here before you know it. Excited to see the nursery where he will rest his head.

  6. OMG!!! Ashley…I sensed you were glowing a bit but OMG!!! Congrats on the baby boy news!! And I’m so excited to be able to blog-stalk you again!! Even finishing school, expanding your business and taking the bar…huge accomplishments you should be so proud of! hehe.. 2014 is definitely going to be a great year for you guys! yay!!

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