12 Ways to Use an Extra Dresser

If you’re a recently merged household, an avid yard-seller, or even a thrift shop addict… you might be able to relate.  All too often, our homes seem to just end up with spare furniture.  Most of the time, we have no idea what to do with these extra pieces and they often end up in obscure places or get unnecessarily dumped!  I’m here to tell you that an extra dresser is one piece that can serve at least 12 purposes, if not more!

Dressers are versatile, have tons of storage, and come in millions of styles!  Moral of the story… don’t get rid of one unless you have to.  After all, you could always remake your dresser into one of these…



{Dresser as Nightstand from Emily Clark Interiors}

Changing Table

changing table

{Dresser as Changing Table from Project Nursery}



{Sideboard by Abbie @ Five Days Five Ways}

Media Cabinet

media storage

{Dresser as Media Storage from House of Turquoise}

media storage2

{Dresser as Media Storage from Danielle Oakley Interiors}

Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity

{Dresser as Bathroom vanity from HGTV}

Garage Storage

{Dresser as Garage/Tool Storage by Crafty Nest}

Craft Room Storage

craft room storage

{Dresser as Craft Storage by Maple & Magnolia}



{Dressed Up Dresser as a Credenza by Brooklyn Limestone}

Hostess Table at Restaurant

Sadly, I can’t find a picture of one online, but one of our favorite local restaurants has a vintage dresser that has been refinished in a bold, high-gloss color.  The drawers face outward and are permanently closed.  The back of the dresser was removed and a small curtain place inside to conceal the built-in shelves that hold the menus and other supplies.  It’s awesome… REALLY!  I’ll have to try and snap a picture next time I’m there. Smile

Outdoor Buffet

outdoor buffet

{Dresser Transformed into Rolling Outdoor Buffet by Organizing Made Fun}

Kitchen Island

kitchen island

{Dresser Reinvented as an Amazing Kitchen Island from Apartment Therapy}

Printer & Misc. Office Equipment Storage

printer storage

{Dresser Printer Storage by PB&J Stories}

Now, who has an extra dresser lying around their house that needs a makeover?!?!?  I know I do!  Now, if I could just decide what I want to use it for…

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  1. I love this post!!! I hoard dressers for this very reason! I have like 3 that will be spray painted and re-knobbed (is that a word??! lol!) this summer!

  2. It’s true. You can do a lot with an old dresser with a bit of creativity. My favourite idea has always been repurposing it as a bathroom vanity because then it looks more like a piece of furniture and it’s custom too!
    Good post.

    • Thanks! Dressers as vanities are absolutely one of my favorites too! I’m dying to do it in my house, and since we have two vanities that need to be replaced, it will probably happen! :)

  3. Thanks for the feature!!!! I am in love with so many of the styling of rooms you had in this line up WOW, oh and totally copying that garage dresser! :)


  4. Love this post! We’re totally using a dresser in our nursery as a changing table… that way lil bean can grow with it! :) I’m hoping to post the big reveal here soon… I’ll let you know when I do!

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